Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jean Philippe Cohet


Old and crash coca can (1/3)
1: mesh


Old and crash coca can (2/3)
2: texture


Old and crash coca can (3/3)
3: can + texture


Book (1/2)
1: cover mesh


Book (2/2)
2: cover with sheet mesh


Book textures (1/4)
1: inside and outside textures


Book textures (2/4)
2: sheets textures


Book textures (3/4)
3: complet open book


Book textures (4/4)
4: complet open and close books


Destroy book


:thumbsup: Grate texturing my friend:thumbsup:


sceary concept man… but I like it:) and even more I like your 3d work. Keep it up:bounce:



That´s a nice concept you got there. Great textures, especially the book, though the dirt seems a little blurry, could need some details. I think the pages would be more yellow due to the fact that they are hit by such strong sunlight all the time. But then again, maybe it needs, I don´t know, oxigene to make that chemical prosess. Doesn´t matter anyway, has no real meaning to the overall quality of the final picture, which seems promissing. I think you should work with the coke can´s metallic parts, doesn´t quite look like alu. or metal for that sake (More spec. maybe). But maybe this is just a testrender(wip).

Great anyway, keep going:thumbsup:


Very difficule to compose a light in space.
No GI, no HDRI, etc…
Only direct lights and adjusting diffuse, specular and ambiant parameters.
A glow will be add in post-compositing.


Hello and welcome Jean,

I really like the idea behind your image. It has something epic. And the open question about what happend is fantastic


Good concept and work so far…

Just one thing, the book looks really odd. It looks more like the book have been printed to look like that than it’s an effect of what it have been through… It desn’t look like its been burned and not like it’s been aged either…Burned paper is black at the edges that goes into a bit reddish brown color to the color of the paper in just a centimeter or two…Also if the book was closed when it was burned (and not completely destoryed) the paper acts like a wall and usually all the text survives with every page getting just a black order of ash. Aged paper gets more bumpy and irregular and also sometimes a veinlike structure showing through at some places. The color is also pretty much the same over the whole page and never goes into a such saturated red and yellow colors…

Any particular reason for choosing Nietzsche? ´:)


Very nice renders!! Keep on dude, we want to see more!!:bounce:


Mask to apply and to control shadows.


Hi all,
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SUN, arturro, theuni, pBarrelas -> thanks
Kragh, Bumbi ->
[li]you’re right, but for this purpose it’s not necessary to make a real aspect[/li][li]these two objects will be in the dark with a lot of shadows[/li][/ul]I will see your thread later.


Rendering (1/2)
1: first pass (draft)