Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jean Philippe Cohet


Jean Philippe Cohet has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Gaïa Victa

That’s all !


Welcome and Good Luck!

I like your website is neat :smiley:


Thanks, and same to you.

Your home page is rich ! I like “Mouse & Cheese” among other things.


Welcome Jean, and good luck for your work!!


Thanks pBarrelas. Your CityscapeII scketch is great.


Best wishes for your entry JP… :scream:


Thanks Lemog.
Have you subscribe to this new challenge ?


I’m sad… I can’t… I’ve no time for few month… too much work at home… cause the family grows up and I must increase the house… that should be finished, but I’ve too much delay :sad:

Mais je suis quand même là à regarder les amis créer :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot!! I can’t wait to see some of yours!!


Gaïa Victa, the Earth broken and defeated by … the man.
Why and how ? I don’t know.
Some vestiges of the human civilization :

  • bottle of Coca Cola
  • book
  • other ?


Really nice concept - I like the idea of remaining garbage floating around. Perhaps it could be nice to place something really unexpected among it.


Earth modeling (1/11)
1: plan projection based


Earth modeling (1/11)
2: cut pieces


Earth modeling (1/11)
3: wrap onto a sphere (1/2)


Earth modeling (4/11)
4: wrap onto a sphere (2/2)


Earth modeling (5/11)
5: explode pieces (1/3)


Earth modeling (6/11)
6: explode pieces (2/3)


Earth modeling (7/11)
7: explode pieces (3/3)


Earth modeling (8/11)
8: atmosphere covering (1/2)


Earth modeling (9/11)
9: atmosphere covering (2/2)