Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Lee



Wow!! the ship looks fantastic!
Keep it on! time is running up :frowning:

Good luck to you!


Thanks guys. Time is running low, i need to hurry.:eek:

johnbeam: I thought about that, and i agree with what halfling is saying, if the ships are smaller im gonna have to rely on good design and effects. If its bigger, you will instantly be drawn to it, which is what i want.

Eomer: I might try one with some arms coming out. Good idea.
terraarc: Thanks for all the ideas! I will definately try to incorporate some of these into the design.:thumbsup:


wow>you have some amazing renders man… and yes you better hustle its gettin close


10 days till the deadline!!! Ive been really busy the last month, and combined with the holidays ive had very little time to get anything done on this. Today i sat down and roughed out another composition. Its getting so close to deadline that im gonna have to go with this one. Keep in mind there will be lots of changes with the lighting, texturing, and i still have to model a decent planet stealer…and there will be plenty of post effects added too. The planet stealer is giving me a real hard time. Im almost certain that i want to keep it huge instead of a bunch of smaller ones, but coming up with something that looks right is hard. The stars are crap right now, i will take those out and probably just paint a background instead of trying to do it in lightwave. Any suggestions would be great…so many good entries in this comp…see ya!


good sci-fi compo !
love the space-ships concentration!
texturing looks to be good …
now let’s fight !
and good luck my friend !


french jedi !


Good job! Nice to see Lwavers rocking…

I think it will be great if you made the lights on the planet-stealer much, much smaller and in great quantities. As the lights are really big, it may trick the viewer into thinking that the planet that is being stolen is really really small (I would have never guessed talking about a stolen planet, I envy the fertile imagination! :slight_smile: ) . You may want to make them as big as the small lights on the first concept sketch, that is seen on the planet, maybe even smaller.


Nice progress man!! Happy new and insiring year also!! :bounce:

I dig your start on the stealer…some nice addition would be mechanical stylized tentacles to grab the ring of planet…would give some nice grande feeling to the image…

The scene seems to me perfectly crowded…:thumbsup: The ship count and placement looks good…some fog and post FX as you mentioned is all that’s needed…

Just some days left mate…keep it strong …:bounce:


Hey otacon! nice progress, you probably have seen this but here is a great tutorial in amking a starfield in LW. You can probably get rid of some of those steps with the LW’s starsphere tool… and some poeple thought it wasn’t an usefull addition! HA! :wink:



This is another quick test of a new planet stealer. Thats basically the only things thats changed since the last update. I swear im going to finish this one!!! Im spending all day tomarrow on this, final renders and compositing and post effects. Any quick comments or pointers are welcome, ive never done a scene this big before!


Another change of the composition. I went back to the widescreen, which is the one i liked the best. Will add a few more ships, tweak lighting, and then render time. Working all day on this to get it done on time!!


ahah that avatar of yours rox! :slight_smile: … and cool pic u have there… w8ing for final!


so far so pretty
let’s see it finished


A part of one of the layers for the final composite. I have 5 total.



Its finally over for me. I would put more post effects in it, but i got to go to work tomarrow and its past 2am here.

I want to thank all the people who replied to my thread. Everyone was a great help and there is NO way i could have finished this without you guys! Special thanks to halfling85 who gave me tons of good ideas for stuff!

This challenge was loads of fun! There were many times that i thought i wouldnt be able to finish. I got pretty burnt out on it at one point. But you guys kept me going with some great posts. This was my first ever space scene and i learned a lot of cool stuff.

There are tons of great entries in this comp, which is by far my favorite of all the cgtalk contests of the past. Im really happy that i actually finished!

Software used:
Lightwave 3d
Paint Shop Pro


Nice image mate! :thumbsup: I like the clear render of your final, has some convincing reality over it!

Wishing the best on your entry mate!


Thanks terrarc!


wow the image is wonderful and especially I love your textures… another one who I miss the entry… sorry otacon… :applause: for your work !!!



Excellent work otacon, coming from you I wasn’t expecting anything less. :thumbsup:


Nice work. Congradulations on finishing the contest! One of the few the proud…


nicely done. im a fellow lightwave user myself but only been animating for a year and a half. love the gallery too :slight_smile: