Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Lee


:thumbsup: very nice models man, i like very much good work :bounce:


Man, the deadline is getting closer and closer. It seems like all im doing is making new ships:). O well, i needed some more action for the scene. This is another alien ship, a fighter, still need a name for it…black widow maybe…any comments or suggestions would be great. Next im going to start working on the actual scene setup and composition some more. Stay tuned!


Everything looks really nice, that new ship is pretty wicked looking. You have a number of new ships since the last time you posted a composition idea, have you figured out how you are going to incorporate these new ships into the final shot?

Keep up the good work and good luck, I’lll be following this one some more,


Thanks. Im not sure how im gonna put all this stuff together, but ill think of something.


How on Earth did I missed your entry? I followed your post in the Lightwave forum :wink:
Anyway, is always great to see your work, very cool, and the lighting, well, you know what I think of your lighting skills.:thumbsup:

gr8t job, looking forward to what you come up with for your final composition.


Good grief, that ship model is great! I’ve been following this one as well and it just keeps getting better and better. I like the feeling generated from the ship. It’s got an old, yet advanced look. Very original!


Your ships are looking really really good. Can see you draw your inspiration from the likes of Star Wars and Homeworld. You certainly have an eye for composition as well. Can’t wait to see more!



Well, this is a quick 3d sketch of a planet stealer concept i had. Im starting to run dry with ideas for this thing…been putting off making it because i really dont know how it should look. It starts becoming hard when you think about the scale of the ship, bigger than a planet…im just not sure what it should look like. So heres an idea, if anyone has any comments or suggestions that would be great. In the meantime, i’ll keep thinking…:slight_smile:


BTW, thanks for the replies guys! It really motivates me to keep going!

SNoWs: Thanks man! Your entry is looking awesome as well…wouldnt that be cool if a lightwaver won this thing!!:buttrock:

He-Man: Thanks. Im glad you like the ship. I was going for a solid mechanical look, mixed with some advanced features.

keetmun:Thanks. I do draw inspiration from star wars, but hopefully im not copying too much…:slight_smile: Never played homeworld, but ive seen some of the concept art and looks pretty sweet! What a compliment to be compared to those two things!!


Really like that Black Widow ship, the motion blur
adds a proffesional movie quality to it. Hope you have
it in the foreground, or another of your ships, because
they have so much detail. I’m using Lightwave too,
learning a lot. Yeah I’d do some more composition
setups, it seems to take a lot of time to get it right.

my 3D entry.


Wonderful detail and imagination. I look forward to seeing your composition.



This is the last ship before i make the planet stealer. I still have work to do on it as you can obviously tell by the boxed in lasers, and unfinished texturing. I just wanted to post this to get some input and show what i was up to. Any comments would be great!


great entry… sorry I missed it. Your designs rock man… keen to see it wihtout the boxed lasers and when it’s complete…


like the work that you’re doing. for the planet stealer (as you asked for ideas) why does the whole thing have to be bigger than the planet it’s stealing? this is obviously high technology, right, so perhaps you could have the ship as just a small node in a planetary sized energy lattice. or, more realistically, you would need two nodes, one for each hemisphere. or more. then you could just represent the theft process by charging up the lattice. if that makes no sense, then sorry…


Thanks for the post Versiden, theres a lot of entries to look at, so dont feel bad if you cant respond to every one. I need to do a little more browsing myself.:slight_smile:

phlebas9: Thats a good idea, and ive actually thought of something similar to that. The only problem i have with the idea of smaller ships is the fact that it wont look as menacing. Since the planet stealer is a big focal point of the story, it has to have a grand presence on screen i believe…Unfortunately im having a hard time coming up with concepts for somthing so big. If it gets too close to deadline i will have to go with something smaller, so i will keep that in mind.:thumbsup:


The sketch is a great start. It’d be cool if there was a larger transportation "mother ship to which the “stealer” part returned with the planet. Have it low in the scene as a imense object maybe filling the bottom 3rd?


I kinda of like the idea of a bigger ship as well. Reminiscent of the Empire on Star Wars. They did there super ships HUGE. Think Super Star Destroyers and the Death Star. Death Star could have been a small ship with some kind of “technological thing” around it, but it would not have made the gut wrenching impact that I believe it did as it was.

If you do decide to go with a smaller ship, then the effects and modelling will have to be mind blowing to make up for the lack of size. Because it is the focal point of the scene it will have to make itself known somehow.

Ultimately I think a larger ship does come off as more menacing and evil, but a smaller ship would be more work if you wanted to make it stand out.

My 2 cents,


How about an army of smaller specialized ships…each with its own pushing/pulling power of some sort… and linked to each other to form a huge net… all working together in conjunction with a medium sized mother ship protected by fighters…


Everything looks really good. The planet stealer is the only thing that looks like it needs some more work on. That sketch looks cool. If you go with a big ship to steal the planet, maybe it could have two arms that come out of each side of the ship to take the planet, or maybe it could look something like that sketch.


Hey otacon! Nice work you’ve got here! :thumbsup:

I like a lot your idea on the planet stealer…and the way you’re heading! Pretty nice concept so far…
I have some ideas you might find interesting, they’re kind of extended though…:D…I’ll give it a shot:

[li]For the inside of the hull I think of some machines like the matrix hovership stabilizers, puring energy on the planet to keep it unattached to the stealer…many,many of them! [/li][li]For the outside, I like a lot the two parts idea…maybe adding some cylindrical towers on each side, extending over the void in order to work as joining parts when this thing closes… [/li][li]Also, on the top of each hemisphere hull, something like circular propulsion that come out of the ship to produce the great amount of propulsion needed to overcome planetary and solar’s system gravity. [/li][/ul]
Hope I gave some itch of inspiration to your mind…:)…I really want to see the planet stealer up and functioning with all textures and FX!! :bounce:

Keep on rockin’ :buttrock: