Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Lee


Thanks guys for the comments! They really keep me going.:scream: I might try some stuff with 4 and 5. I still have to design the planet stealer, and ive got another fighter im working on too. I agree greentek, that a ship in the foreground looks good…and i would still do it if it looked bad because of all that time i spent on detailing.:slight_smile: Hopefully i can have some ship updated soon. Thanks for watching.


Nice job Jason! This one is my favorite so far, and really looks book cover epic.



The composition is great and the scene have a really nice light and cool cold “atmosphère”. :thumbsup:


Heres some more detail on the back of the engines.


This is the alien fighter ship that will be fighting against the big battleships and the other small fighters. Still lots of detail to add, the colors are just so you can tell apart the different parts.


Here is a little diagram showing the different parts.


Been a while since i updated this thing. Dont worry, im still in this…:slight_smile: This is a comp showing the scale of each ship.


I did a little more work on the composition of the scene. I also finally thought of a concept for the planet stealer. This is just a basic idea to show what the composition setup will look like. Ive widened the aspect ratio to 2.0 to give myself some more room. Comments welcome.


Some comments or suggestions would be nice.:scream:


This is a test of some colors/look of the gemini fighter ship. Everything is still very wip, just trying to update this old thread…


wow… great updates Jason !!! :thumbsup:
“everything is very wip” but this already looks great mate!
only this big ship too ‘homeworldish’…
over all very nice stuff…
keep going friend and cheers… :beer:


Great stuff you got there! Very classic interpretation of Grand Space Opera! The ships really formidable. Keep it up!



The Big alien ship is a bit homeworld like as far as the overall design, but then again it seems everyone is copying someone elses concept in some manner or another whether they realize it or not. Almost impossible to do anything original. Besides the big ship isn’t a carbon copy, still it ought to be reworked a bit to set it off. It is still quite obviously WIP though.

Keep up the good work,


Thanks for the comments guys. This is another ship im working on(i know i jump around a lot). This will be one of the alien fighters. The texture is pretty basic right now, i just threw it on there to get the idea. Still a good bit of tweaking to be done. Comments and suggestions would be great!


hey man, you are doing it great, just awesome, we like doing almost the same jeje something like those giant battles from star wars or something like that
looks awsome dude very cool, i think you can do some effects in those lasers if thats what they are.

luminance effect or maybe you can do something later in photoshop.

well man, i dont have nothing much to say ,is very cool.
have fun guys. :eek: :bounce:


so real man… I wish I couls also achieve thos level some day:twisted: great! I imagine your final picture… it will be amazing… good luck:thumbsup:


wow amazing… the detail in ur model r just too cool… very well done mate… i cant wait to c what u have next for us… keep it up man, i wanna c more action in ur image, and hope ur gonna blow our head with ur stuff really soon… o man i gotta wear some sort of helmet to bare that blow LOL… good luck mate… :thumbsup:


Hi otacon,

I like the camera of your composition test 5 where you can see the hole planet in a “dark” environement. It looks so impressive…


very nice modelling on the ships good details on ships really like them:)

space station is awesome keep it up mate i will be following here.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the replies! I hope to be able to finish this thing. And dont worry overcontrast, there will be plenty of action.:buttrock: