Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jason Lee


Very cool story Jason :slight_smile: love the idea of dragging a whole planet with a spaceship.

Great modelling too :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yea, the lights on the planet are placeholders for now until i paint a better one. Speaking of forming letters, somewhere in my spaceship detail i wrote LW3Dā€¦it not in the last renders i posted, but i have it in the new stuff.


hi Jasonā€¦

very original and good storyā€¦ excellent backgroud for great pictureā€¦ ship model also looks very believable but can you post view of entire shipā€¦ cos its not clear from the last picture what youā€™ve changed in the ship designā€¦

i think you have to improve the compositionā€¦
first you need to outline main event in your scene, find for it proper position and start building all other stuff around itā€¦ this technique helps a lot in the hard process of creating good compisitional layout for the sceneā€¦ whatā€™s going to be main event? battle? planet? maybe some person on foregroung? its very important to start from this initial levelā€¦

great workā€¦ :thumbsup: iā€™ll keep an eye on your projectā€¦ it looks very promisingā€¦
cheers and best of luck in the challenge!


Very good point greentek. I know i want to have the ā€œplanet stealer shipā€ actually wrapped around the planet ready to take it away just as the fleet from Fultran is arriving. Ive experimented with a few different compositions, but i still havent found anything i like yet. This weekend im going to try and nail down a good one. Thanks.


Here are some color tests i was trying out just to get a feel for what kind of colors would work best. This ship isnt finished yet, but i needed a break from modeling detail. Tell me which one you like best.


Very cool modeling. I like colors number 1 the best and 2 second.

My 2 centsā€¦


2 and 5 here man , nice update , is coming along quite nice . Keep rockin:)


Ive added some more detail to this ship. Im going really slow. Hopefully i can get this thing done. Im still thinking about designs for the planet stealer ship too.


hey jason nice stuff~

i like color number 1, 5 and 11~


Really impresive! The amount of detail is amazing. Number 2 and 6 are my choices for the shipā€™s colors. Still impressed by the amount of detail.
I think you should post the plantes with a few ships to get a general idea of the composition. Anyways, just amazing!



This is some detail on the small fighter im working on. Each engine can rotate independently for fast manuevering.


This is a composition test to see where some of the things in the scene will go. I am still thinking of a ship design for the planet stealer, so that will be attached to the planet somehow. I am going to add more small fighters in the scene too.


hi Jasonā€¦

your ships look very wellā€¦ especially i like fighter with huge enginesā€¦:thumbsup: but you have still work on the compositionā€¦

best of luck and cheersā€¦


This is another composition test. I might have to go wider to fit everything in the scene, but weā€™ll see what happeneds.


ā€¦and here is another composition idea, this is still very WIP, im just throwing out some ideas here.


Great ship designs! I like this last (5) composition best. :thumbsup:


Thanks miketche! I like 5 myself too. I will probably ellaborate on that one.


hi Jasonā€¦

in my opinion #4 is the best one so farā€¦ but thats sure is just my personal opinionā€¦
anyway decision to keep one ship on the foreground and close view is definitely right i thinkā€¦

your going very well mateā€¦:thumbsup: your picture must be great i thinkā€¦

keep it up Jason and cheersā€¦


I like number 4 best too, if the rest of your work is anything to go by then this should turn out as a super quality piece of work


:eek: everytime I visit the thread there are some great improvements!! very cool work on the modelling!! loads of details on the last ship! if you want another opinion I think the composition test #5 is the best of allā€¦the format fits very well the composition!!this is going to be one of my favourites entries!!keep it up! :thumbsup: