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Jason Lee has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: FINAL IMAGE!!!

Its finally over for me. I would put more post effects in it, but i got to go to work tomarrow and its past 2am here.

I want to thank all the people who replied to my thread. Everyone was a great help and there is NO way i could have finished this without you guys!!! Special thanks to halfling85 who gave me tons of good ideas for stuff!

This challenge was loads of fun!! There were many times that i thought i wouldnt be able to finish. I got pretty burnt out on it at one point. But you guys kept me going with some great posts. This was my first ever space scene and i learned a lot of cool stuff.

There are tons of great entries in this comp, which is by far my favorite of all the cgtalk contests of the past. Im really happy that i actually finished!!!

Software used:
Lightwave 3d
Paint Shop Pro


Im in on this one. Hopefully i can come up with something cool. I have a few ideas…along the lines of a big space battle. I will try and get a concept sketch up soon.


Not really a concept sketch, but i started roughing out an environment.


Here is a ship concept im working on. Going to try and put a lot of detail in it. Suggestions welcome.


Modeling is looking good. What’s the concept or is it too early to see?

The engine area might be a bit too tall in relation to the rest of the ship.


Here is another design for a ship. I have a story ready, i will try and post it later. Im not really going in order, just coming up with things as i go…


Whoa! The space scean looks really cool. How did you texture that big planet? That ship looks awsome, the details are great and it makes it look more real! The hardest part will probably be the textures on the space ship.


nice one
I think the texture on that model is not very hard becose on that detailing nivel he can aply a procedural texture


Yeah because of all the detail you don’t need alot of textures, I don’t think procedural textures are that hard to use, but Im not sure if it will be easy to texture this ship because you might have to use different colours. Maby you can put a satellite dish on it somewhere?


heya Jason!! nice to see some lightwaver on the challenge!! I love the modeling and the details are great!!keep it up and good luck!!


I like big space’s battles :slight_smile:
And just remind that, now we can make at least same battle of SW first trilogy, without all ILM old team, just a poor pc and a 3d software. We have lot of power in your hands now, amazing isn’ it ?


Thanks guys.Im going to try and model as much of the detail as possible. It will make it more believable and give me a break on textures. I’ll have the full story up later, but it has to with a planet that is being stolen by an alien race…they are literally taking the planet and moving it into their solar system. Nearby colonies will use whatever forces they have to stop them. Like i said, full stories with details up later!:smiley:


Wow, I love your environment pic, it’s great stuff. I have a question if you don’t mind, how did you create all the asteroids? I have need for some of them in my challenge, and since I am somewhat new to this, I would appreciate any info you could share.

Very inspiring stuff, thanks for sharing!


Stealing planets! Now were talking :slight_smile: Destroying them? phah! We build things so big we can pick up other planets and drop them into black holes just for fun :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’ll have the really really really big scale. Can’t wait for the story. This one will be cool :slight_smile:

And the modleing is outstanding. Really gets that realistic space look with all those pipes and stuff on the outside.


Rex3d: For the asteroids, i first used the spray points tool to make a bunch of points. Then i made a low poly tesselated sphere and use point clone with the points in another layer to create a mass of asteroids. Then jittered them to give some variation.
Here is the full story of the battle for Orterra.

The Theft of Orterra[/left]

Orterra is a planet that doesnt spin, or revolve because an element that alters gravitational fields is heavily prevalent in the core. The people of the planet can only live on the planets darker half because the side facing the sun is scorched. As time passed, and the planets population grew, the planet became overpopulated. But a solution presented itself. A neibhoring wasteland planet in their solar system called Fultran maintained a regular, albeit large orbit, and would pass close by Orterra for a ten year period once every 500 years. To resolve their problems of overpopulation, every 500 hundred years Orterra would ship their criminals and garbage to Fultran while it was close, turning the planet into a prison like junkyard. This process occurred every 500 hunded years for 3 millennia. But something happened during Fultrans last revolution. The planet met up with another alien race midway through it’s orbit and made amazing technilogical advancements. Soon, word traveled to other alien species of a strange solar system with a planet that remained stationary at all times. A highly advanced race of aliens heard of this and came to the conclusion that the core of Orterra must be rich in an extremely rare element that alters gravitational fields. The advanced race highly values this element as it is key to most of their technology. The aliens decide that the only way to obtain the mineral is to “steal” the planet and move it into their solar system where they can extract the element from the core. Thus during last 30 years they constructed a massive ship capable of moving whole planets. But their is a problem. While their ship is powerful enough to move a normal planet, Orterra is quite different. Because the element in Orterra’s core is strong enough to prevent the planet from orbiting, it is therefore normally impossible to move the planet. There is a solution, the planet’s gravitational field is weakened when Fultran passes nearby. Thus they can only move Orterra when Fultran is nearby. [left]
Because Orterra never orbits it is isolated from the rest of the Solar system and thus the inhabitants of Orterra have been oblivious of everything that has happened in the last 500 years of Fultran’s orbit. They have technologically advanced at a normal rate but not near as much as Fultran who has had contact with the afformentioned good alien species. [/left]
Oterra doensn’t have a clue the aliens are coming in 5 years to steal their planet, Fultran does know they are coming, and has decided to aid their fellow people. But, Fultran is still too far out of range to get a message back to Orterra to warn them before it is too late. [/left]
Thus our battle takes place at the end of those five years. The evil aliens have arrived and are attempting to steal Orterra with their massive planet moving ship while Fultran is in close orbit. Fultran had managed to get a message to Orterra only days before the attack. Fultran has sent out its highly advanced fleet to fight beside Orterra’s fleet against the very advanced race of evil aliens and their planet stealing ship.[/left]




Here is another test of the space environment. Im still thinking about the composition and where to put the ships.


Here is some more detail for the main ship. I plan on adding lots more. Im also trying to think up a design for the “planet stealer ship”. I know im going kinda slow, but i can only work on this in the evening and weekends. Suggestions welcome!


MAn this story is awesome ! Keep up the good work …


Hi jason !
i really like your work and your grand space opera approach …
i want to see more !


Wow , sweet, everything looks great here!

the only thing that I noticed is how uniform the lights on the dark side of the planets are in a few places. Although, might be funny if they formed letters like “Eat At The Sizzler!” in a giant advertizing campain :slight_smile: hehe j/k :slight_smile: