Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


interesting, didn’t actually find it that obvious myself, at least not in the last picture where the light is softening the horizon line in that corner.


Yeah, but you’re a pig :rolleyes:


not a chicken then? :slight_smile:


Lets say it’s some sort of sick hybrid pig-chicken abomination :wise:

EDIT: OMFG… I’ve got 5000+ posts… I need a life, stat! Anyone got one for sale, please quote price and shipment details to jameskaufeldt (at) gmail (dot) com


Aside from the baby looking kinda big (maybe it’s just personal preference), I love the modeling: very clean and defined. Good mood to the piece as well, desperation with a mingling of hope.
Congratulations on finishing Janet and good luck. :slight_smile:


Think bout that she has to push the child up and he has to catch him! <muscles! faces!>cause there won’t be another take (shot and film crew). The drama! Last chance! <fat strings> <tears> and steam…
or smoke…

put some other pics! different views! eg put camera at womans arm!
point (target) at guy from copter make child in between!
regardless compo
:thumbsup: Chris

make it right!


Finally I get a chance to get to my desk and keep up with my own thread and have a look at other peoples.

@JamesMK and flyingP: yes, but he’s a flying pig. IMHO, a totally different thing. (although maybe a flying pig is a pig chicken hybrid. :curious: ) nothing like a good challenge to bump your post count–it’s that compulsory class participation mark. mine went from 400+ to wherever it is now. Do you guys know any good references/tuts on atmospherics in C4D? or on compositing?

@ArtisticVisions: I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for your good wishes.

@in4m3d: okay, i see what you mean–not poses, so much as facial animation and camera angle. food for thought.

On one hand I’m tempted to keep working on it, on the other, I’m so ready to move on. so I think I’ll plan to come back to it in a few weeks.

thanks again everyone for your feedback. you guys rock.


Wabbit replies… er, nope, sorry… :shrug: I just tend to wing it from one time to the next :smiley:


that explains a lot :slight_smile:


wahahaha…pig/kiwi which even weirder :smiley:


You just never miss a chance, do ya? :smiley:


not if I can help it, although it’s not easy when you are also trying to elude rather pissed off French Rugby players at the same time :scream:





Sort of figured that out by now. And that eluding business is a full-time job, dangit!

EDIT: Janet, those pictures are almost as scary as flyingP himself :scream:



ummm the top one is a “Kiwi fruit”, although I still insist on calling them Chinese Gooseberries, I have no idea why the rest of the world calls them kiwis…damn I used to get some strange looks here in Germany until I switched to calling myself a New Zealander instead of a Kiwi


your point wabbit :smiley:


What’s the current score btw? 11-14 or something?


hum…interesting…inspiring even…


you wish :twisted:


Nice final image, a good dramatic scene, bravo :applause:

Good luck on the final :bounce: