Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


Hey Janet,
It is looking good, I didn’t mind the last pose for the princess it suggested motion but this new pose is good to , more balanced. If you have time I would maybe make the texture smaller on the elevator .
Good luck with finishing , were behind you .


Well, here are all my rendered layers composited together. I’m going to spend an hour on it with a paintbrush now, and then that’ll be that…


looks good Janet :thumbsup:


Looks really good! You’re gonna make it in time too - be careful with the time though, the servers are really busy.

My best wishes for the final and congrats on a top job!


very good modeling and texturing… sweet stuff…


Hey Janet,
The image is coming along fine, looking great,I really like the water. I am finding it hard to see things though, maybe you could brighten things up a bit in the postwork. Good luck with this, I know you can finish this.


And here it is. Ran out of time, but pretty pleased with it anyway. and even though it’s “final”, I’d still love to get some C+C.


under those circumstances, what has been bothering me is the baby’s pose, it looks a wee bit unnatural almost as if it is a doll somehow…sorry a bit late to come with that one I know :hmm:

I do otherwise rather like the image


No, really, this is it. I found some mistakes in the compositing, so, once more with feeling…


Well, that’s that then. Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and give advice and encouragement. I’ve learned a ton. Not least that I really need to work on my lighting and compositing skills :smiley: .

@FlyingP: you’re right. I thought I might get away with that symmetrical reaching idea, because I really didn’t want to rig him, but I shouldn’t have been so lazy. But wait there’s still 26 minutes left…

Anyway, good luck everyone. Hope to see you “around” and for sure at the next challenge–this was great.


Wahahahahaha…sorry if I’m keeping you up Janet :smiley:


Welcome among the crazy people who finished on time:bounce:

Really great work, with nice emotions behind it. I wish you best and see you on the next challenge:twisted:


You’ve done a great job here, Janet :thumbsup:

In terms of the composition, I bet you’re thinking about the way the horizon lines up with the floor of that structure to the left… at least that’s the only thing that I feel is slightly off here… but it’s just a minor thing in the whole picture.

So, officially, an official :applause:


Hey Janet,

Great job on this , I have tried posting 3 times to your thread since my last post but its busy around here. Anyways glad you finished and your image looks great.:thumbsup:



Good idea, but figures r too stiffy also water looks bit caustic to me. I suggest to put some steam or smoke (1st plan) to blur whole view what U think?

:wise: Chris


Congrats :beer:I see you fixed the pose. Very nice :love:

Outstanding work. Good luck :thumbsup:


I don’t know how I missed this. Great work. Nice vision. I think the water and environment coulda used some atmospheric effects but otherwise fantastic work! Keep at it and congradulations on finishing!


good work …i really think your skillz are very big!..your models are very impressive and your texturing is the same…

im happy u finished this one in time…congratulations! and good luck!


thanks for the continuing feedback.

@ arturro: thanks. you’ll see me at the next challenge for sure. what a great experience.

@JamesMK: the way that horizon lines up completely bites, but unfortunately, by the time i really noticed it, I was committed in terms of having some of my render passes done, and not much time left. Probably the first thing you noticed, right? So the morals of the story, and there were lots of them for me in this challenge, are post early, post often–other people have more distance from an image than you do, and will notice things you miss, and that pre-vis is a key piece of the picture (pun intended). I need to have a much better idea of where i’m going earlier in the process. i think you mentioned something about that in your thread, too.

@mmoir: thanks, mike. I’m not really that happy with the background. I feel like there’s a real quality divide between the foreground and the background. The background was done in too much of a hurry, and doesn’t look at all how i intended. But I’m pretty happy that I finished, and i had a blast participating in the challenge.

@in4m3d: I’m not sure that i agree about the character poses, except for the baby, which i think i already mentioned, but was there something specific that was bothering you? The water is way too caustic ( i even turned it down between my first and second versions), and the steam/smoke/fog is totally AWOL. I just couldn’t get anything going that I liked. Learning how to control the many fog options for C4D is very high on my todo list. :wink:

@nemirc: well, when you’re right, you’re right. she was going to fall down and hurt someone. :smiley: thanks again for your help.

@||) |V| |^|: Thanks for your support. See the above note re: atmosphere (You’re so right).

@rattlesnake: thank you. I’m glad you like my modelling and texturing. myself, i feel like i’m getting a handle on those things. where the wheels realy come off for me is in lighting and post effects. so I’ve got some learning to do before the next challenge. :wink:


Well, to be honest, it really was the first thing I noticed :smiley: But hey, every day is a new lesson (as, quite correctly, you point out that I’ve mentioned about my own entry… but that’s what makes these challenges sooooo great to be a part of)…

I wish you the best possible luck with this otherwise great entry :applause: