Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


good job
try some lighting for the character to get som contrast…:thumbsup:


I just can’t get over it that is is your first set of characters… have you done much figure drawing in the past? The proportions and poses are much to good to be the result of a good eye only, am I right?

The resque soldier is lovely and the way you use the tatoo to emphasise the movement , yep - can’t wait to see this one finished. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the responses, guys. It’s great that people are still finding the time to stop by.

@rattlesnake: thanks.glad you like it.

@visualact: yep. lighting soon. I want to get my other characters roughed into the scene, and then lighting’s next up.

@gunilla: you guessed it. I’ve done loads of life drawing from the model at art school, and IMHO, I’m reasonably good at it. The funny thing is, I seem to have real difficulty translating that to drawing what’s in my head (as opposed to what’s in front of me), and to drawing on the computer, rather than with pencil and paper, both of which are things i think i should be way better at. That’s why I forced myself to do the concept drawings at the beginning of the challenge in photoshop. As you can see the results were pretty bad, but practice, practice, practice, I guess… Anyway, thanks again for the encouragement.


The funny thing is, I seem to have real difficulty translating that to drawing what’s in my head (as opposed to what’s in front of me), and to drawing on the computer, rather than with pencil and paper, both of which are things i think i should be way better at.

Sounds familiar, and it’s really two different things - drawing what you see and drawing what you imagine. For me, I can never completely visualise what’s in my head from start - it much develops while I’m working.
And drawing good takes a lot of practise… I made a half ambitious new years promise of starting each day with 20 min of drawing… I used to do that when in school but have become much to lazy since then - I know it would do miracles to my work though, so it might be worth it.

Anyway, in your case your drawing skills surely shows in the 3d results - again, very good!


that’s a huge thing for me, too. At art school, I studied painting, which is mostly about process, about having the work evolve under the brush, so making the leap to knowing where you’re going when you start is a bit of a mind game.

You are so right! I followed the sketch group here for a while, but I found that most of what was happening there was more like concept art–people were investing a couple of hours a day that I just don’t have, so i kind of drifted away, but 20 min a day would be a great goal. Good idea. :thumbsup:


hi Janet,
i hope you’ll finish this challenge. those we’re nice update btw! wish you luck!


We might have similar backgrounds then - starting with fine arts and then transfer into other work methods. Do you do commissioned work now?
Commissioned work really forces you to plan … if the process involves others you really have to find other ways to make the projects evolve. Also, I think, when working with bigger project it is necesarry to have more structure since it’s to hard to keep the focus for a longer period.

This challenge have been a way to get back to old work methods for me - just playing along and see where it goes - funny enough I ended up almost at the same spot I started.

Good luck with finishing your image, I’ll be following your progress :thumbsup:


Well, lots new here. Sorry not to have posted any of the inteim steps, but I was sort of working on everything at once, time being somewhat short. Inheritor has all his textures and is posed. Princess is posed (but still missing face textures). Basic lighting setup for the foreground. obviously still lots to do on that front, but I felt like I had to post something, even though it’s not finished. SSS is turned off for speed, so the skin textures are a bit lacking. Miles to go still–don\'t know if I\'ll make it. Sheila and Gunilla, thanks loads for your support and feedback. C+C always gratefully accepted.


Nice progress here :thumbsup:

I will follow your finishing line with attention :bounce:


Commomn…you can do it…just dont stop…keep :arteest:

is looking nice!


Happy new year Janet

nice progress here this scene with the baby is awesome i really love that mood

i will be checking for the final image now the end is near you keep it up girl you have awesome work :thumbsup:


come on! we’re with ya, you can do it! it’s really very promising so try to work harder:twisted:


Thanks, guys. It gives you a boost to know people are looking. I’ll make it…sure i will…sleep is for wimps… :smiley:


Hey Janet,
The poses in the last scene look very nice and natural. I do hope you finish as your image does really look good so far:thumbsup: :thumbsup: . Look forward to your final image.


Hello there Janet.

I have to say you are doing an outstanding work here. The central part of the piece is coming out nicely.

As for the last update. Both poses are very good indeed but I feel that your woman is a little off balance and she could easily fall on her belly. I made this little pic to explain what I mean. I hope I am not crossing the barrier here :wise:

Keep up the good work :bounce::love:


Great looking update, Janet :thumbsup: It’s been a real pleasure watching you work.

I wish you really good luck in finishing on time - you must have plenty left.


Thanks, everyone for your encouragement as the end draws near. Still touch and go whether i make it, but i’ve learned so much, that i figure it’s a win even if i don’t. as you say gunilla, there’s still, um, plenty (actually, a bucketful) to do.

@nemirc: thank you so much. that’s the kind of critique i like. :thumbsup: I’ll revisit that pose. I really wanted to emphasize that she was completely reaching up as much as possible, but at the same time i checked the centres of gravity. However, I think where i went wrong was in having my model hold up a shoebox, not a ten pound weight. Also, that back foot does make contact, but i can see where from the shadow you might not think so, so I’ll look at that, too. thanks again.

<nose back to grindstone>


glad to be useful :wink:


Great dramatic scene :thumbsup:

No crits, just waiting for more :bounce:


Hilariously enough, I’m still trying to finish this thing. Here’s my first render pass, and a few other things that are new. The space elevator is textured. The princess’ pose has been rebalanced, so she’s not falling forward (thanks, nemirc). Character and ship lighting is complete, so this is the final render for the character pass, and probably for most of the ship. and hey, I still have 2 days, 6 hours and 21 minutes left… better allow that last 57 seconds for uploading…