Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


hi Janet,

I’m inspired to see you going. Keep gooooiiing! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Modelling of the cable that the elevator travels up, and a first look at the energy field generated by the cable. C+C always appreciated.


@kotsos: dirty is my goal. :slight_smile: . and work, work, work it is–no kidding about it.

@Gunilla: It just wouldn’t be New Years without a party. :beer:

@sheila_G: thanks again for the boost.

And a Happy New Years to you all!


Nice modeling!!!

Cool work;)

and i wish you a happy new year!!! :beer:


Lookin’ great!

I love the industrial feel that you’ve created and can’t wait to see everything textured.

How do people step through the energy field to enter the “elevator”?

Nice stuff so far!


perfect … every think will work in reality…:bounce:


very nice lifter :thumbsup:

do you think you could add some rays or things going up along the field generator? maybe that would give it the look that the thing actually moves up… unless that’s a protective shield


Hey guys, thanks for the great feedback. I can see that I haven’t thought through the energy field well enough. My intention was that it would be inactive on the elevator in the forreground, as that’s where people are loading, and only active on the ones in the background, but now I’m not sure that the visual connection between them will be strong enough for the viewer to understand that the big one in the foreground, and the little ones ascending in the background are the same thing if they aren’t lit the same way. Also, nemirc, I think you’re right that it the texture could communicate the idea of upwards motion better. I’ll post again when I’ve worked it out.


the elevator looks great… I have no crits, continue in the direction you’re going, great work!

and btw…

just my 2c



Janet ,

This elevator is very cool, looks totally cool. Looking forward to the textures on this ,Great job.:thumbsup:


Your smokin’ the place up, your models look great. One thing about the energy field: a lot of CG plasma’s look fake because they’re all uniform. Is there a place you can put secondary fields that would be higher in intensity, maybe at the rail connections?

It so much easier to to give C&Cs than for me to actually enter…:rolleyes:



Post Count: 1 !?! :smiley: Glad to see you here.

Good point. I think this goes back to what nemirc said too about making it look like the field moves things up. I’m fine tuning the texturing and rigging on the main character right now, and then I’ll come back to it.


Nice work! keep it up! not long to go now! I can’t wait to see your final image:bounce:


Unwrapped and painted textures for the rescuer character.


Unwrapped and painted textures on the rescuer character. I’m still wrestling with rigging him properly :banghead: :argh:, but soon, I hope…


Very good job so far. Nice modeling and texturing. you hit the spot with the proportions…Thumb up.

let`s see how the enviroment will look like…


very nice update.

How about you bring the tatoo a little more to the front? :shrug:


thanks for the feedback, guys.

@ nemirc: I see what you mean, but i think it’s just the view–the point of the arrow is lined up right between his middle two fingers–in the final pose, when that arm is swung around, you’ll get a good look at it.


wow…really great character girl!

textures on the face and body are really cool…good job!


Test pose of the Rescuer character. C+C always very welcome.