Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


First texturing of Princess Ardra–no unwrapped/painted textures except the hair.


Waouw Nice work here!!! :bounce:

I like the texture specially the cape (good word in english?:blush: )
Very good feeling!!

Excellent! :thumbsup:


that’s the word! (cloak would do too) thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile:


wow, I really like the cloak for the princess…
have fun with unwrapping, its a pain in the arse I know… ;(

keep it up!


Hi janet…Very nice,a smooth creation,well done.I like the cloak,a very nice sweeping flow…The material look like a velvet material of some kind…I think that would be a great choice,a beautiful one,an elegant one.Ok,your update is a very pleasing one,keep this up,really nice artwork…:arteest: :thumbsup:


I’m really likeing this. Maybe you could work on the hair a little, more indiidual strands. As for the cloak it looks very nice. Have you though of giving it a worn look sing an alpha map in conjuntion with specular?


Thanks everyone for the kind words.

nemirc: finally got a chance to look at some redvsblue. that’s very funny stuff.

sheilag: “that drive-in is killing me…hahaha”–(?) you lost me. But thanks for the encouragement.

versidien: yeah, unwrapping is a fiddly hassle, no matter how you slice it. I have bodypaint, which makes it quite a bit better than most of the other unwrapping tools, but there’s still a fair amount of tweaking.

OvidsMuse: You’re right, the hair is the thing I’m least happy with, but with three weeks remaining, I’ve put it on the “Come back if you have time, or after the deadline list”. It’s getting to be a long list :wink: . Good thought on the cloak. I’ll have to look at that. It does look pretty new.


I think she looks good - really like the texture for the cloak.

Don’t get to stressed about the textures, they will be easy to adjust and tweak in Photoshop later. I really like to see you finish this in time- best of luck!


hello Janet,
sorry to lost you on that. take it as my sincere compliment. well, very nice character update. as for the hair strand. imo, it’s okay to stay on that volume since it’s easy to lost details on such scale…unless she’s near your camera. anyway, over-all look has the potential. Go Janet Go.


That is understandable. Please finish, and then if you have time twaek things efore the final. Can’t wait to see it all put together!


Nice job on texturing! Any additions in mind you might be adding to the cloths? Looks wonderful. :thumbsup:


Hey Janet,
The princess looks great , I must say you did a great job on the cape, both the modeling and textures are excellent.
Looking forward to your scene coming together.:thumbsup:


Model of the Space Elevator in the foreground of the image. C+C very very welcome.


Once again, my thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment on my thread. Encouragement means alot, expecially as the clock ticks down… any comments on the elevator would be very welcome. The clamps on the ends of the arms go around a cable that I haven’t modelled yet. Stay tuned… :slight_smile:

@Sleepinglion: the only things i’m thinking of adding to the cloth are changes to the cloak: to add some ageing, as someone suggested, and giving it a different lining material–but I don’t want to do that until the end, as it means converting the cloak out of cloth mode, and into a straight poly object, and I don’t want to do that until i’m sure i like its position.


wowwww… nice mechanical looking:twisted: …happy new year


i dont have crits for your model…is very high quality as all your models here…im just waiting for textured version…and i join to wishes “happy new year”!


I haven’t been here for a while, but I have to say these are outstanding updates. I love the look of that cape (and for some reason it reminded me of The Incredibles, hehehe) and that elevator looks very good. two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks, guys. I’m having so much fun doing this stuff, although it’s a bit of a race against the clock now. Anyway, thanks for checking out the thread. I know everyone’s scrambling to get their own work done, so I really appreciate it.

@nemirc: anytime i get compared to “The Incredibles”, i’ll take that as a huge compliment (earned or not :wink: ) . pixar’s best yet.

And to you all, a very Happy New Year!


nice elevator, i want to see it textured,will they be dirty
work work work

just kidding, in your own time

keep it up

Have a Happy New Year


It sure shows you’re having fun … the updates looks great. Happy New Year to you too, time for some party before the remaining work? :beer: