Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


Hey Janet,
The new character looks great , another great model. Somehow I think shorter boots would be better. Glad you got your computer back and running again.
Great job so far.:slight_smile:


I think you’re so right about those boots, mike. definitely going to adjust them. thanks loads for the feedback.


hi there…
about the boots, IMO I think that they look more like woman’s boots right now… they are indeed long :shrug:
however I like the overall look, it’s very stilized :thumbsup:
maybe you could raise the pice where the “buttons” are located so it will give the illusion that those parts actually overlap

keep it up!


you have great character designs here… 2 thumbs up man!

personally I think the boots look fine, but try making them shorter and we can compare.


C+C as always really welcome? crits? hah… none… crazy modeling… lets see them textured ! =)


Very nice janet,your doing a real nice job here on all your work…do your best but never compromise your work,get the meat and potatoes in best you can with the best quality,and then with time permitting get those extras in…I hope to see you get this as you have planned,and so far you are doing a real nice job,all the best and work hard and keep having fun…:cool: :cool:


Hey, thanks everyoen for dropping by the thread, and for your great encouragement. I have made the boots shorter, and they do look a lot better (I think). I’m working on texturing that character right now, so I’ll post that as soon as I can, with the new boots.

@nemirc: LOL. those are buckles, not buttons. I’ll have to turn him a bit for the next shot.

@Virtuoso: Yeah, I can tell I’m falling behind in terms of the deadline. Unfortunately, the demands of the season are keeping me from my computer. Hopefully, I’ll finish, but this is all pretty new ground for me, so I’m pretty happy just to be learning as much as I have.


love your models, there’s a lot of talent in this thread. they’re very clean and the proportions are great. don’t stop what you’re doing, even if you can’t finish the contest - it would be such a waste. damn christmas keeps you away from work, hm?


Really nice work, very clean throughout. Like the expressions on the characters and styles of the sketches, as well as how these have been translated to 3d models. Keeping an eye on this one as well.

Dont know where everyone is finding the time to post and work on this project, personally I think it’d be cool if these contests (all entries) were put into book form, so much fine work, so little time to peruse.

good luck,


Finally got some time to work on some texturing. This is a first pass. I still haven’t unwrapped the model yet, so no painted textures yet–eg. no freckles, scars, tattoos, heck no eyebrows. C+C would be great.


also shortened the boots and made his pants a bit bulkier, so he looks a bit less like a ballet dancer. :wink:

thanks again everyone for your encouragement–it means a lot.


good texture
keep working:thumbsup:


I second that. Very nice and clean textures… it reminds me of this: “we are in the future… things are very shiny here” :smiley:


Looking real good, Janet! You’re really a good modeler - nice work! I think you could make the pants even more bulky some loose width under the knees would be good I think.
The textures are coming on real nice - keep that splendid job going:thumbsup:


Hi artemesia66

nice model and concept, indeed the texturing takes some time, I would roughen the model

a little, the polygons, its a little smooth, but you can also fix this with the texture of course,

what i like most is your composition in the first concept, nice work!

check my link!

Regards Paul Patina!


Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Nemirc: LOL. what’s that quote from?

Gunilla and Patina: On looking at it again, I think you’re both right–those pants need some modelled wrinkles. I was planning on doing them with a displacement map, but I think modelling will be better. Stay tuned…


Hi Janet,

The start on the texture for the rescuer looks good , I like the colors you have used. I do think the boots look better . Looks like this guy is ready for the scene . Looking forward to the uvmapped version. Keep working at this .:thumbsup:


i like the characters - good developments from the concepts. Nice realisation. Looking forward to seeing them posed.


It’s from an episode of Red Vs Blue :thumbsup:


wow Janet! really nice character modeling and texturing. very nice Grand Space concept too. that drive-in is killing me…hahaha. well, braving the odds with the guys here is one tough job. keep that energy up. go Janet!