Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


Just dropping by to tip my cap to you janet…Your doing quite a nive job.I like the overall plan,and the models are coming along real nice.Clean and well done mesh wise…The Princess looks friendly ,nice,a very good job here as well…All in all very nice work,and I wish you more of this,I’ll be looking in for more,I hope it all goes great for you,so far so good,keep it up,and go at it strong janet…:arteest: :cool:


looks great man, would love to see her textured:thumbsup:
good luck with it


Hey, thanks everyone for taking the time to have a look.

adr- good catch on the neck. i’ve shortened it, and made it slightly narrower. You could be right about the breasts, too. it’s more that their shape is being hidden by her shirt, but if it turns out that you can see her front in the scene, i’ll give the/it a look.

greentek, rattlesnake, monsitj, vrhead, virtuoso-thank so much for the encouragement. i haven’t actually done a ton of character modelling–one of the reasons i wanted to do characters for this challenge, so it’s exciting to get positive feedback. (but don’t be shy about crits–i can take it :wink: )

DimitrisLiatsos- i know what you mean about the threads. I’m trying to look at at least one new thread a day, as well as checking up on my faves, but it’s hard to keep up.

dtox- i can’t wait to see her textured, either.


Hi there! Very nice character. Looks great, but I wouldn’t change the concept just to show her more… because the concept sketch is also very good. Maybe only rotate the foregroud so that she is seen from the side…
Very nice progress, keep it up:buttrock:


No, I’m not planing on changing the overall concept, or the overall composition either. As you say, I just wanted to be able to rotate the camera a bit and adjust it without being worried that an unmodelled bit would suddenley pop into view. :wink:


Gorgeous model - is this your first character you say? Unbeliveble… I’m really impressed. :thumbsup:


well, the second one, but the first one was half fish. :smiley:


Half fishes are apparently excellent training material, because she looks absolutely beautiful :thumbsup:

My only crit is the way her cloak drapes… it looks a little bit gravity defying at some point about half way down. But then I don’t know what environment she will be placed in, so it might not be a problem.

Great work!


Waouw, excellent modeling…:thumbsup:

Keep it up!!


Concept drawing for the rescuer.


Very nice models Janet :thumbsup:


Janet ,
Your models are looking great , I like your latest sketch too,
Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:
My GSO entry


Very nice! I like that your whole work is in the one style. As I’ve seen the princess, I know that this guy will also be great in 3d… I’m looking forward to seeing him. Good luck:thumbsup:


Wow :eek: fantastic character modeling :bounce:
I dont belive thats your first character :banghead: you have mastered some mistic power to make that huh? :wink:

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Thanks again everyone for your comments. The feedback in this challenge is wonderful.

JamesMK- yeah, i think you’re right about the cloak. I wanted to give the idea of a blustery kind of wind, but I’m going to have to support that idea with the rest of the scene, or it just looks like it bends in the middle. <nose goes back to grindstone thinking of ideas for windy scene>

mmoir- luckily the models are better than the sketches. :wink: the sketches are just to give me an idea of where i’m going in when i’m modelling.

Nomad must be the mistic power of the half fish. that and a couple of good box modelling tuts. :smiley:


We want more updates Janet , keep going :wip: :wip: :wip: :thumbsup:


very nice modeling and very touching scene :smiley:

it’s a good thing I am almost only using armored people, I get to escape from the claws and fangs of organic modeling :stuck_out_tongue:


Princess Ardra is really gorgeus very beatifull i like her a lot and i love the clothing simple and beautifull:thumbsup:
rescuer is really good cant wait to see him in modelled i am sure he will rock :buttrock:

i will be watching for more great job keep it up


Thanks, Lelantos. I can’t wait to see him either. He’s modelled except for his clothes, but unfortunately the Logic Board on my computer packed it in this afternoon :cry: :scream: :cry: :banghead: , so it’s going to be a couple of days (and $900+ CDN) before I can resume modelling him. In the meantime, I’m going to start on the ships on my laptop, which truly isn’t up to the task, but it beats pacing around waiting for my good machine to get back from the shop.


Finally. After logic board failures, etc. This is all going way too slowly for me to finish in time, but having loads of fun and learning lots. C+C as always really welcome.