Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


Hi Janet,

I like the way this is going - to have a baby in focus and show the emotions of the people instead of the fighting can come out really strong. Great concept and composition - good luck!:thumbsup:


Started with the Inheritor, since he’s the focus of the compo. C&C would be extremely welcome.


Hi Janet…Well the Inheritor loks to be quite the smooth mesh,nice and clean,interesting facial features…I think a very nice job…Your doing quite an overall nice job here on all stages thus far…it’s texture time,the Inheritor is ready to go…:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Character Design for the Princess. Didn’t spend alot of time detailing the front, since I don’t think it will be visible anyway.


hi Janet…
nice story and good concept ! :thumbsup:
i like inheritor… very expressive!
untill later and best of luck!


hey guys, thanks for the encouragement. I’ve noticed that the outside of the Inheritors eyes is a bit pinched, and I’ve fixed that, but now it’s on to the princess…


Loved your story :thumbsup: Head of the baby is very good and clean
More of this i want :bounce: great job keep it up.


Great story and strong composition; your modeling is comming along great! Regarding the composition, what about if the baby exchange thing happens at the top of a tower, from this point you will be able to add lot more detail, and will keep the baby from mixing with the BG.



thanks for you support, Lelantos and ARSA.

@ARSA: interesting idea. I definitely need to tighten up the compo, and i’ll give your idea a look when i do.


I’d like to see more pencil sketches from you, I like it very, very good!


The inheritor is a great model, perfectly clean… I actually did try to come up with some crits, but there really is nothing to complain about… Interesting concept going here, so just keep doing it.


He’s really looking great! Keep it up and hope to see some updates soon :thumbsup:


Princess Ardra. As far as Iknow right now, she’ll only be seen from the back, but in case the compo changes later, I put some detail in the front. Plus it was good practice ; ). C+C very welcome.


Thanks everyone for dropping by. I look forward to comments on the Princess.

Penumbra: now that I’ve finished this pass at the princess (before I get C+C), I’ll be putting up some more pencil drawings of the rescuer and the ships. Hopefully tomorrow.


Hello janet , just passing by and watching your last updates , you are doing a nice job here .

the cape looks very nice with nice details in it .

I think that the boobs need some tweaks maybe more rounded but is up to you girl. You can adjust the vertex in the neck too , it seems a little large for the proportions of your model .

Of course , this is a personal taste in your model . Let see more updates

Keep the good work:thumbsup:


WOW… :eek:
what a great model this princess!!
very nice model! veri nice! :thumbsup:
very impressive! i always envy to good character modelers… :smiley:
the best of luck and cheers…


thats a very nice modeling work girl!
u did a great work in all little details and i like it!!!..shes much beautiful in 3d than sketches…youre doing a nice entry:thumbsup:


your latest update is stunning! great detail modeling ! can’t wait for you to put it all together!


Indeed …how did i miss this…very good …waiting for more now that i found your thread…forgive me…too many threads… :slight_smile:


yep good character modeling… looks very fantasy oriented … great skills there