Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Janet Taylor


and somehow that comment scares me :smiley:


I really like how this one turned out, it’s nice to see someone who can stick to the original image and make it work well. I love how the spotlight is right on the baby, almost reminds me of some sort of strange diversion from the manger scene or a madonna with child kind of thing. Also really like the mood implied, very dramatic sense of urgency to it. Nice storytelling!

JamesMK and flyingP- you guys are cracking me up! :slight_smile:


and somehow that comment scares me :smiley:

zust relax, little piggy, ve haf everyzing under kontrol…


exactly what I mean

and Squibbit do you actually know what control (zorry kontrol) means ?? :slight_smile:


Oh and Janet sorry I’ll get the hell out of here now and leave the way open for serious comment, good luck with the voting :thumbsup:


no worries. you guys crack me up.

@Sharga: well I’m not sure that i didn’t stick to my original at the cost of considering things that would have made the image stronger, but, well, next time… It does seem to have a vaguely biblical theme to it. I was explaining the backstory to a friend of mine, and he just cut me off and said, “so, basically, it’s moses, right.” :blush: um, yeah, i guess it is. everything old is new again. I do look a lot at baroque painters when I’m thinking about lighting, so I think that spotlit foreground thing comes from that. thanks for stopping by.


no worries. you guys crack me up.

well if that is the case Janet may I suggest a cool avatar


i dunno f-P, I wouldn’t want to steal your fruity/flightless/downunder porcine thunder. but damn, i do need an avatar…


no vorriez ? Danke !

ach yez , ve fix u good ,piggy ,heheheh

not too bad , yez ? ve kan take it avay at moment’s notice if you zo kommand :slight_smile:


cool a double post :rolleyes: …blasted server :hmm:


wtf is going on here…arggh damn server

I knew it, who TF let you loose in here? :applause: can I use that in my avatar btw ???

And Janet I would be honoured if you did…and yes you need an avatar…I would advise against going with current trends though :wise: :smiley:


Holy mother of… er… whatever???


You’re scaring us all now, Squibbly thinger.


good isn’t he :smiley: … bastard


-wha , u never see pig before ?

-nice pic and story, artemisia, have fun with
all the future projects :thumbsup:

-there u go with the promotions again, piggy…sigh :stuck_out_tongue:

and yea u can keep it as avatar if u want


Well, up until recently I truly thought I had… I was wrong. This is like one of those really profound revelations… like in the end of “Crying Game” when it turns out that the pig was really a chicken.


yes, you are correct


OK score another one up…git


The Kiwi (Actinidia Deliciosa) was exported, for the first time ever, from China to New Zeland in 1906. The commercial cultivation started on 1950 by botanist Hayward Wright in the Bay of Plenty (?).
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Hope this can help.

bye :slight_smile:



Artemisia66, congrats for your nice work.



ha - just wanted to have a look at janets final image, but everywhere i look there are flying pigs, squibbits and jamesMK’s around. oh - and hi agostino :slight_smile:

ye - nice image janet :slight_smile:


Funny a lot of that was news to me too :blush: , if however by “(and in estinction, I would add)” you meant that the Kiwi is extinct then that really is news to me, in danger of would be closer I believe, and sadly it is not alone. Actually if I remember correctly they did find out a few years ago that not every Kiwi is a Kiwi but that one group of them was actually something else…at least genetically not a Kiwi (and I won’t be surprised if wabbits try and make a joke out of that one too)… actually I’ll have to check up on that my self as I really am only speaking from vague memory. True though quite a unique little bird, although that can be said for a lot of NZ’s bird life…kinda miss NZ bird song too to be honest :sad: