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Janet Taylor has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Fall of Terra V Final Image Version 2

No, really, this is it. I found some mistakes in the compositing, so, once more with feeling…


i swore i’d enter this next challenge, and i get home from vacation and it’s two weeks old already… :cry: anyway, fantastic theme–off to work on concepts.


good luck, Janet. Looking forward to seeing your ideas.
Yeah the holidays, did a number on me as well when it comes to time for working on this challenge.



Welcome to the challenge Janet.
good luck!:slight_smile:


I’ll be watching,best of luck and have fun,now find the time and get this Space Opera rolling…:arteest:


My first crack at getting some of what’s in my head onto paper.


Thanks for the welcome guys. it’s great to know that people are looking. My further notes on the first concept are as follows:

Concept: The Fall of Terra V

It is hundreds of generations into the future and humankind has slowly spread across the galaxy. No planet is alone, but interplanetary distances are vast, and travel between human worlds still takes many years.

Two decades ago, the people of Terra V were attacked by a race who call themselves the Mians. The Mians are a water dwelling species with technology vastly superior to humanity’s. Contemptuous of mankind, for twenty years the Mians have been systematically eradicating humans and changing Terra V into a water world, using powerful molecular level terraforming tools to level the terrain, process land into water, melt the ice caps, and seed the clouds to cause almost constant rain. The people of Terra V have fought a brave but losing battle, as little by little all dry land has vanished. They have fought the Mians in the skies, and on the water, and have continued to build on top of the submerged ruins of their civilization, but at last, the end draws near. The planet is lost. But with only hours before the planet is completely flooded, help has at last come, and some of her people may survive. A fleet of evacuation ships, en route for fourteen years from the nearest human world has arrived to evacuate as many survivors as possible.

The image shows the moment when the Inheritor is passed to safety. The Inheritor, a small baby, is the last of the line of the governing house of Terra V. With the child go the hopes of the people of Terra V.

In keeping with the theme, I’ve gone for a sort of epic moment of conflict, and a key point in a civilization’s history, but I’m hoping to keep it emotive by foregrounding a smaller, more human moment. The conflict itself, the battle, aren’t the primary focus, rather I want to put the emphasis on the admirable human traits that are brought out by crisis–altruism, caring, hope.

Note that the image is probably well beyond my ability to create in 3D, but I guess that’s what makes a challenge a challenge. Looking forward to getting on with modelling–I’m sure everything will change once that gets going. :smiley:


Nice Story, and the composition is cool!! :slight_smile:

keep going, a challenge is for challenge yourself first!!! :arteest:

Waiting to see more.
Good luck, and sorry for my bad english! :buttrock:



nice storyline !! looking fwd to see some more wips ^^

good luck to you =)


Hi Janet, Just going through all the concepts etc. and I’m interested to note that us girls seem to have written a story to go with our concepts! Good luck with the modeling - I know how you feel about hoping the ability is there to create the idea and make it work! Keep the side up for us girls!!! :applause: Claireabella


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Real world work has sadly intervened, and i haven’t made much progress. soon i hope…


Good concept story.

You can do it.

Let’s get started!


wow great concept


Very interesting concept. Sounds like it could produce a lot of cool visuals. I’ll keep my eye it.


Not being the world’s most awesome draftsperson, I like to do a basic block in 3D of how i think the composition will work before i start working on any of the individual elements.


Looking good janet…I like the story,it fits the theme well…Your compo is quite grand,nice scale and scope,nice angle,quite dramatic…Keep it burning on high octane…I’ll be looking for more…:arteest:


I like it! Good concept. If you can get the camera tight on the Inheritor’s expression, while also setting the activity in the background, you willl have a very dynamic moment. :slight_smile:



Hi Janet,
Your story is a good one, it evokes emotion and has an epic feel to it. Looking forward to seeing more.
My GSO entry


That’s for sure the key. and a bit challenging to get close enough to make the baby the focal point, and still keep the background wide enough to tell the backstory. I’ve played around with a few layouts and i don’t think this is quite final, but i’m going to move ahead on some of the elements, so i can get a better idea of their visual weight before i tighten up the compo.


good story!! and your layout in vertical is good and fit for your compostion , can’t wait to see more! good luck