Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jan Huybrechs


Jan Huybrechs has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Ok, I joined the challenge yesterday, and I’ve come up with a basic idea:

Two races are struggling for survival, their only hope is to establish a colony on the only green planet left in their solar system. But the planet is too small to support both races, so only one can have it. That means war.

While the massive battle takes place high above the planet, we get a glimpse of what is happening on the surface. We see a small creek where strange flowers and plants grow. In the distance we see one of the planets moons rise, while high up in the sky we can see a faint image of starships in battle. From behind a rock we see a creature look up towards the sky.

Maybe I can also put a shot down spacefighter in the water, still smoking.

BUT: It’s still a bit unclear to me what ‘iconic’ means. I mean, I know what it means, but what do they expect and what not? Anyone?


A very first sketch of what I had in mind. I would fill everything up with plants and mosses. In the sky you see giant spaceships or battlecruisers or whatever approaching, and several smaller ones fighting. Here and there you will see explosions in the sky and maybe some smoke rising from the planet’s surface. I also have to add a creature in the front that is looking from behind the very first rocks towards the approaching vessels.

This is my very first ‘big’ 3D work, and my sketching sucks. So if anybody has ANY comments, please do so!



Hi TheDuke!

My interpretation of iconic in this challenge is something you would draw for a movie poster.

You have very nice idea, keep at it!


Well, I don’t think I need to add any more comments so far. Still thinking about some details, like is the war still going on high above, or is it already finished and are the ships that won flying in but severely damaged … Should I add a wreck somewhere. I’m going to put a lot of exotic plants all over the place (since it should be the last green planet in this solar system).


hey nice start there buddy… if u ask me what is iconic in this compitition, i wud say its a turning point of a very advance race… like war, devistation, conflit, massive hand to hand combat, or it might b as simple as a peace comferance… i dont think the judges wud like to c a bunch of movie posters for this challange…ur image should contaid a self xplanetory story which can figured out just by lookin at it. and i gotta say u got great knoladge on logical space war… thanx for the suggestion on my thread… greatly appriciated… and abt ur concepts, its currently very unclear to comment on it, i’ll b waiting for the updates on those… keep up the good works… :thumbsup:


In a galaxy far beyond the border of our know space, worlds exist where races have mastered space travel, where technology has reached levels we cannot even begin to understand. But as most of them progressed, they ended up using all the natural resources of their home planets.

Many races that are able to travel trough space have already colonized other planets and moons, and expanded their territories throughout their galaxy. Races that did not have the means to travel simply vanished or ended up in terrible wars that destroyed most of the planet.

Most of the races that exist in this galaxy live in harmony. But there are two greater races that struggle for power in what we would call a ‘cold war’. The Mauran are a peaceful race that has a fleet merely to keep the peace in the galaxy, to stop the pirates that try to hijack cargo ships and so on. The K’hyarí on the other hand are a more aggressive and power-hungry race. They feel the need to control the entire galaxy, and destroy most of what is on the planets they control trough mining operations and slavery.

This is the way the galaxy has been for the past eight thousand years. Almost the entire galaxy is colonized, except for one small planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. The Mauran need now this planet in order to survive. The K’hyarí on the other hand have discovered that this would be an excellent mining planet. The last would probably completely destroy the planet and all life on it.

But the planet can only belong to one race. So a great war begun that lasted many years. The Mauran, that did not have the means to fight a war of this magnitude, quickly lost most of its fleet and had to withdraw to avoid complete destruction. The K’hyarí on the other hand also suffered heavy losses, but was victorious and claimed the planet. Their descent to the planet’s surface has begun.


As I wrote my improved concept I thought about what you would get after a war. Ships would be damaged, smoking, broken. Here you can see a K’hyarían ship getting pulled in by some smaller ships. It is hit in the back, and smoke is still coming out of the hole in its side.

I would place a second ship (the same type) behind it, as you can see in my previous sketch. The second ship isn’t damaged, just following. Maybe I’ll add some smaller ships protecting the larger ships.

I need honest opinions plz !


I’ve made a simple sketch of the big ship that’s pulled in. I want it to be really really big. In the sides there are hatches where space fighters can land and take off. I’ll leave some of them open, maybe add a plane that’s just coming in our out.

I’m really not good at drawing, so be gentle :slight_smile:


Duke, I had decided to do something similar a while back too. I was going to do a WWII sub kind of theme out in space. Though instead I opted to go that space-mo-bile thing…

Will be looking forwards to seeing those models asap!


Hmm, as I’m modeling this space ship, I’m getting the feeling that it looks too … how should I say… friendly. What’s happening is that an agressive race is about to destroy an entire planet, so it has to look dangerous, threatening, … I need a more agressive approach I guess.

I’m also going to start on the native fauna and flora. That’s going to be fun (read: challenging).


Sounds like a great plan. Like the ship alot. Best of luck in this challenge!


Well, this is already part of the environment, the planet if you will. I’m going to add another coast at the oposite site of the river or lake or whatever. The side that you can see here will be full of tropical plants.

I only recently had the idea to make it a nightscene, to make it a bit more dramatic. This way I can add some alien insects that emit light and stuff, to make it more mystical and peaceful looking (about to be destroyed …).

Anyone who thinks it would be better if it were a day-scene?


I added some fog, and made the moon bigger and more appropriate for the scene.


Oh, and for those wondering, the blue light on the rocks was just a test for those light emitting creatures, I wanted to check what the effect would be on the curved rocks. There should be a lot of leafs and flowers there, so the effect should be pretty kewl.


I added some grass on top of the hill, and some other plants, but I’m not quite satisfied with those plants. The grass I think is ok, but I have to figure something out. It looks very unreal.
Does anyone know how you can make it more realistic?


Aargh, major panic. This morning I was working on my scene, I posted it here on the forum, I saved the scene in max. Now I want to open it again, but max says it failed to load!!! Does anyone know what the problem could be? The file is 45+MB large. Could it be that it is too big, that my PC cannot load it (1GB RAM; PIV3.2; GeForce6800-256-Ultra-OC;… should be enough). This is so not funny. I don’t have any other backup or anything…

damn damn damn!! Got to start all over again (unless somebody can help me with this!?)


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