Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


Thanx guys for your useful comments! I always had in mind that robots are standing on some hill above attacking army, but didn’t realized that I’m only one person who actually can see it. Here si updated version where few robots left the scene and whole scenario is hopefuly easier to read.


Hi Turbinea, great modeliling and texturing. The girl looks really cool to me.

Sorry, i don’t see the hill. I see a scene located on a corner of a spaceship passage conducting to the main deck.
There are enemies on the right that we don’t see and other enemies in the background coming up along some kind of bridge? So the bots are trying to protect the girl…maybe 2-3 bots firing to the right and the others firing straight to the background, with the girl trying to hide between some architetural element in a dramatical pose like she’s full of anger and fear?


Thanx Ago-stino for comment. I’m sorry if i confused you, i said hill but what i really meant was some higher point where they made a stand. There also some missing elements like additional soldiers climbing on that stand (and being shot by robots). Girl is protected by these bots but i want her in some commanding position (pointing on some target or so). It is hard to explain what i want to put there, maybe next update will clear up something.


merry christmas to all! here is my WIP update on environment. is’t mess right now, but that’s why i call it wip. anyway, C&C are needed and apreciated.
thanks guys!


here is quick setup of what i want to achieve. many elements are still missing but workin on it. maybe this time few of you guys could tell me what you think and help me to finish it. thanx :slight_smile:


I really like the way the lighting is, but it takes away detail from the rest of the scene. It also makes viewing some elements a dificalt task, trying to make them out through the lighting.


Hi turbinea]

I wish I was at the lighting stage now, It has a heavy theme, but I love the epic feel to it
a powerful war, I liked your first renders though, I think it might be important to seperate the characters in the foreground to highlight them more.
only my opinion, and to see more of the space and planets in the background, to feel the invasion coming,

nice 3d work!

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Paolo Patina


hello! well, i saw you rendering and it is very good, but i think you have a little problem, and the same happens with me: we have so many elements, and we like them all! and then we want them to be visible in the final rendering, but the problem here i think is that it looks a little overcrowded, so i guess you have to work harder on the lighting, first light your characters, and let the bg be darker, i dont know about the big light in the bg, try to place the planets there, and bring more attention to the characters…

well that`s what i think, but its up to you…
good luck!!


thanx guys for advice, i’ll fix that lightning (i hope) and remove some elements from scene.


Hi turbinea

Thanks for reply, Its not textured yet, and its not a real gun only a prop in the final image,
but I understand what your saying, anway Im hoping It all comes together in the final picture!
theres a certain look Im trying to achieve with the final print.

all the best


i like your gun design but i see some problem with texture. gun apears to me like carved from one piece of metal, it isn’t convincing. weapons are asembled from parts and that parts should be visible on texture - seams and stuff. anyway, design looks promising so - good luck.


thanx guys for comments, this is somehow cleared version, but there is lot of elements missing and/or not rendered properly - enemies are hard to notice, their guns missing and so on… anyway i need your comments about this version. thanx


No nazdar SLOVANE!!!, som si nevsimol ze tu ficis. Ale som rad, pretoze ti to zatial ide velmi dobre.
Mam par poznamok, snad pomozu.

1.Celkovo je to zatial nejake velmi komplikovane, vela veci sa deje a oko na prvy pohlad nevie co si ma vsimat.
2. Skus viac zvyraznit postavicky aby sa dokazalo rozlisit kde ktora zacina a konci, napriklad trochu iny otien armoru, faberne znacky na nich atd.
3. Zena je fajn, lenze v tomto renderi ti nejak nevysla, ma nejaku smuhu na tvary. A hlavne nema ziadnu dynamicku pozu!!musi zit…a bojovat, velit, zomierat, cokolvek co uputa!!
4. ta raketa co vylieta z raketaku ma zle rozmazany dym. a leti pod zlym uhlom.
5. pozadie je ok.

Ale colkovo velmi dobre. Som rad ze mam taku krajansku konkurenciu…
BTW: ako sa naozaj volas a aky nick mas na slovenskych forach?

a nezabudni mrknut na moj thread:-)


I discover your image, which control 3d, environment is super and
the composition well considering, just to suggest you adding the solid
drop shadow which misses because the robots make a little assemblies
and on the fire of the weapons not to be so white, perhaps but you did
not finish yet, and good luck for the continuation.


Fascinating! Really complex composition.
But considering it there is some things I want to suggest. Female character seems to be TOO static. As for me she could give commands with strong expression and screaming (she is their commander isn’t she? :slight_smile:
Once I’ve seen an illustration from Warhummer episodes which I’d call “last man standing” where soldiers were covering their commander who was holding the flag.
Your spacemarines also could cover her more tight (some are standing - closer to “center”;others sitting/lying - in “outer radius”). Despite they are bots I think they should also express more motion/emotion - fear, heroic defence, lost hope, self sacrifising in a name of somethig great…bla-bla-bla (we can imagine that they have extraordinary AI so they could be treated like being alive :).
Actually I’ve not read all the commets but I hope mine are not dublicates of previous ones.
Good creations!

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>nazvar Darkone2652, tiez ma nenapadlo pozriet odkial si ked som pozeral tvoje artworky. co sa tyka pripomienok, dik moc, co budem vediet zapracujem co nie dako obidem. mnohe z toho je uz v priprave len este nie pripravene na post. ale aj tak dik
------end of regional broadcast------------------

> Tranchefeux thanx for suggestion, shadow (and som light) may be the way to separate bots from enviroment. these shotsfires aren’t finished so i consider your suggestion.

>Deryk, warhammer is my strong source of inspiration in this challenge. It is true Epic universe. Others may be more scifi, original or more whatever but w40k is most epic i ever seen. Female character is waiting for correct rig and then i pose her (finally). She is in fact reason of that explosion so i want her show that, i mean something like she is casting a spell. In my mind, I have short story about String Empire and Last StarBurner, and that helps me to tell this pic. I tried to pack robots closer but there was problem with reading what parts belongs to who, but some expressins throgh poses may work.

Thanx guys for comments you helped me a lot!


amazing action. love the chars. very good composition


added more enemies, fire and bullettraces. while it is not final rendering i think this counts as posteffects and composting (which should be done AFTER final rendering). i want to add planets and ships, and mechs and fix few things i see and few i don’t. empty shells are done in photoshop and will be replaced with serious geometry. but not today. i’m dead. really. byee


Wow, the fire and enemies looks great. In my opinion if you add the spaceships, the planet, etc. maybe your image will look too full but I don’t know.
Very cool image :scream:

Grand Space Opera - Leo Calv


nice compo and details

but …details : characters are not detaching from each others !
find something to make the compo more clear to observe !

without this …:thumbsup:


french jedi


Pose of the girl does not fit the rest - is very static and boring. Something more dynamic would be better. I guess she is the leader of that robot squad, maybe make her look like she’s ordering them to attack or at least give her some weapon to fire. Other thing, some orange rim light coming from the gunfire could nicely separate at least the few foreground robots.