Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: jan harcarik


wow, nice job on the maps turbinea.

you used uvw unwrap?
it looks like it was a nightmare but i’m impressed how you pulled it off.

great models! -looking forward to seeing them in action



texturing progress on body, hope you like it. C&C is always appreciated.
>jammin, yes i did used max’s uvw unwrap


Last parts of this character are finished. Finally i should say, but there is no rest for sinners so next task is to texture robot.


Done some hair tests. used this great tut by Bobo.


wow . your charactor detail is very amazing ! very good texture too! some point that i notice is woman hair is a little bit strange, maybe it’s in the early stage ! keep going man! good luck


testing some texutring. C&C is needed and appreciated.


Hello! Her textures are perfect. But I don’t like everything about this tall guy:) … I think that it should have some different colors. Maybe leave the light gold, and change darker one to some dark silver… just thinking… but I think that you should do some tests with different colors. And I wouldn’t change speculars and glossiness… for me they are good:thumbsup: If you’re not sure about them, increase a little bit speculars…


Great textures,great models!One of the best thread all around here!Well done!Im amazed!
Cant’wait the final image!


Changed color/texture scheme for this bot. I want to make them more dirty and battered. Still WIP but closer to my goal. Thanks guys for your generous and helping comments and your C&C is really appreciated.


Yeah!! much better:thumbsup: I like him very, veyr much:bounce:

good progress, keep it up!


Thanx Arturro, it is based on your advice. Not exactly what you proposed but it led me here.
Thanx again you really helped me.


Excellent work here!! I like the texture, excellent technique… it’s looking cool!!:thumbsup:


Hi guys, here is my latest scene sketch/setup. Background is just quick collage from various space shots. Now working on guns and stuff.
Hope you like it,and your comments are needed and appreciated more than ever. thanx guys.


I would be careful with the way you setup the light here because the textures in the bots are kind of (plane) so you would need to show the wonderful modeling with a lot of contrast to make the scene interesting. With those bots in first plane of the composition I think it would be very important not to lose the detail that you modeled so well.

We work in a very similar way because I don’t use reference pictures to make my models, most of the time i make them like sculpting.

My best wishes for you.


thanx Straightforward, I’ll consider your advices and try to do my best. thanx.


your texturing and modeling skill are awesome! but i think your overall composition look too busy! maybe u can focus on something , great work ,
good luck


I have to agree with monsitj , you got great modeling and texturing skill. There is an Unreal meets Halo atmosphere to it, nice. One critc tho, the scene does seem a bit crowded, I feel like they are shooting at their teammates :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow that last pic looks awsome. If I hadn’t known it was 3D I would have said those figurines looked awsome :). Kinda of chaotic right now.


your models look really greats… but the composing of the image look like confused… I don´t anderstand very well where are situed the soldiers… etc… but I think it´s only a quick composing…


very nice girl!