Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


Nice going on texturing! :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll get your little “monster” (poeticly announced…) PC soon!


Hi James!
Welcome back! :slight_smile:
Now thats what i’m talking about mate :scream: Now those textures are perfect for the ship, they show the right amount of detail and look awesome, thumbs up!


W O W! fantastic! i like new stuff a lot!so beautiful renderings!!!KEEP IT UP!!


Well…is it working fine? :smiley: …u know …the er…new coffee machine :scream:

Come on…are u still setting up preferences in Cinema4D…wanna see the new FPS. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bubble out :bounce:


Yeah, it’s running like a hot knife through butter… Just got all my old files over… too late to work now though, will wait until tomorrow :thumbsup:


We have a good wish for new stuff here in Greece…KALORIZIKO…means …may it have good roots and good fortune…er …in a very free translation :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah well, the roots look just fine to me :smiley:

KALORIZIKO right back at’ya :beer:

And since the mad OZ is right above here, I’ll throw in the usual ‘spacca tutto’ as well - it’s a proud tradition as well.


Very promising James, i like your idea and the way you work it… The egine texturing looks good, can’t wait to see all those part together on the same image :slight_smile:

Keep it up dat good work :bounce:


I found it… this is the new killing coffee 3d machine… of our friend James…




good while we’re at it, I hope thing does a good Xpresso :smiley:


…my Capuccino Please :scream: :bounce: …Goodmorning…


Excellent texturing James !:thumbsup:
Maybe you will add some rust in some areas ?


Hey, James. Hope the new machine is awesome.

Thanks for posting your render plan. I’ve always used C4Ds multi-pass for the different light qualities, but I hadn’t really thought about breaking out the different depths of the scene, so I really learned something from that. :thumbsup:

Your textures are looking good. Keep it coming!


Ve(h)ry, Ve(h)ry,Ve(h)ry nice… (sorry …too much beer)!!!

but dude… lovely stuff coming along. I love that there;s so much attention to detail involved in your’s and so many other posts. Wish I could get there too … :frowning:

But keep it coming along… I definitely want to see where you get at!


Woah, a V-Twin PC :cool:

Mine’s a bit more subtle though…

Guys, guys, guys… sorry about this, but there’s just no time at all to do any work at all these days. I’ll be back in a few days, but I also have some VFX work to do for a music video, and that will have to happen before new years eve - so it looks like I’ll have to finish up my challenge entry in 2005 instead. Time will be sufficient, so no worries there… Besides, I work better when I’m a bit rushed anyway, so it’s all for the better.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you :buttrock:


what music video , for whom ?


For me! …with those boots i make …i decided to hit the DISCO Floors…Travolta step back …i am coming :smiley: :smiley:





Merry Christmas my friend… I hope to see you nearly… I sure you can finish faster your project before the deadline… you have a lot of force with you :thumbsup: