Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: James Kaufeldt


I actually forgot all about your 3D entry until I found out the ships were full of doomed wabbits.

hah , don’t mind them , those wabbits are twisted and evil , they deserve it


find a wabbit that isn’t

and OK I found PL :rolleyes:


Yep, it’s there and properly voted for.

claudio_jordao - Thanks, you did very well yourself incidently :thumbsup:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown: It has so much danger in it.


and no wabbits, just occurred to me you slipped up bad there mate :smiley:


and no wabbits, just occurred to me you slipped up bad there mate :smiley:

Mwahahaha! :smiley:


Bleh… There ARE wabbits in it, they’re just hiding cowardly in their underground homes to escape the neuronomicons of course :rolleyes:

theuni - Thank you very much. I really appreciate that kind of comment, void of technicalities :thumbsup:


:scream:…hahahhaha …basically wabbits are not in the pic 'cuase they are running in the post office…yet…aren’t they:twisted: ? …har har har…


i like these details and the lighting… well done~


I saw your work in the earlier stages, Nice final image :thumbsup: Goodluck


Congrats man… awesome job!


U too! See how it’s worth to take it to the end ! Congrats wabbit !


I LOVE your piece, great work!



congratulations from me… well deserved…


Not too shabby a placement for a rush job, James :wink:

Gratulerar, verkligen kul!





:applause: hoooo… that’s a excellent news James, congrats to all the fluffians !



Congrats to you, James!

Kul - väldigt väl förtjänt - hade trott du skulle komma ännu bättre!


Fluffian greetings from Germany, James…

CONGRATULATION:cool: :bowdown:

Hope to see ya in the next challenge… until then best wishes, mate:arteest:



I really like the awesome finesse to the balance of seriousness
and humor in your work. One to look at again and again.
Maybe I’ll try the 2d road next stop.

:eek: :applause:

my 3d gso