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James Kaufeldt has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Well, here it is.

Had a few moments to spare tonight, and it felt really wrong to celebrate my fourth consecutive challenge with a non-completed entry - so I gave it a final push.

I had so much more planned for this, but somehow it feels better to join the happy bunch of challengers with a final image posted :slight_smile:

All the best to all ye weirdos out there!


Coming soon to a challenge thread near you:

The legendary system collapse of Neuronicon XIII

A thrilling story of heroes, malfunctioning machinery and personal in-flight waste recycling equipment. Dynamics! Explosions! Wonderful color schemes and hideously large, galaxy encompassing communication cablebundles! Preposterously enormous intergalactic repair shops! Furry animals!

…stay tuned for the full synopsis… Don’t touch that dial!


ah ill be watching out for those schetches dude

G/l To you too !


hey james … just wanted to say hi and you already got my vote for “community award”

smiling already for what i’m anticipating to find in this thread

on another note i saw your trying to get away from teaching … are you sure you want to leave that varitable “fruit basket” of young females for cg??? … this proves your crazy:)


Voutlooz - Sketches are a few days away… GL yourself!

pigwater - Oh, hi there. A little early for those votes perhaps :smiley: But comment appreciated no less. Hope you’ll have better luck with the timing for this one, if indeed you are planning to enter… And I believe the exact term is ‘clinically insane’, that’s at least what the doctor told me last time :blush:


well as long as you get the good “meds”, that’s all that matters … as for me i’m undecided … i’m travelling next month and pretty busy after that … but then again i’ve never finished a challenge (well , one) so why should that stop me … but either way i’ll be watching the fun and games


Back again for a contest… nice to see ya here I will follow yours steps James !


bring those furry animals on wabbit :smiley:


Hey James, seems like wild bunch rides again, ehehe
good luck man!!!


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :bounce: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No comments … :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see the old bunch hanging around - lets just do our worst :smiley:


Good luck James!


Let the challenge wars being =) heheheheh Cant say it enough this is going to be a blast.


Looking fwd to watching this one! :thumbsup: GOOD LUCK!


dam…i remember your alienware entry and i know youre going to kick some a** in this one…i cant wait to see your incoming master piece…good luck friend!


James…I am expecting soooo much “Eye-candy” with your entry I wish I had a third eye…:arteest:

    Here is to Space opera's and grand epic scenes.............All the best to you,and here is to almost infinite possibilities for this challenge..............Now bring on the "[b]Neuronicon XIII".............And a few [/b]malfunctioning machines to go with it sounds zesty............:cool:


Thanks for your greetings guys… I’ll bring the story here, a brief synopsis, just to give you an idea about my plans:

The background:
Neuronicon XIII, a nice little planet in a galaxy far away, is more or less controlling most of the trade and politics in a distant solar system. The neuronicons are good guys - there’s no doubt about that, but since they have the power, they also have enemies. For the past 300 years they have been safe, not exposed to any major attacks from their antagonists - mainly thanks to their technology, effective defensive systems and financial superiority.

The most obvious reason for their technological advantage is their use of an extremely radical approach to clustered computing. Every city across the planet is in fact an enormous CPU, and every city is connected to the main server - a CPU of insane proportions installed several miles under the planet’s surface. The power of this setup is indescribable - among it’s features we find the capability to accurately predict the local future, which undoubtedly is the key to the neuronicons’ successful living.

The moment:
The scene I’m about to model and render occurs at a very sensitive point in time. After 300 years of peace and quiet, it just so happens that the main server CPU is acting a bit strange from time to time. The neuronicons have decided to replace it with a new one. This is not a very simple task, since the processor itself is about as large as a 50-floor building and has to be hauled up by several large freight ships. Unfortunately the enemy forces have found out when this operation is to take place, and they plan to launch a massive airstrike at the very moment the CPU goes offline - the brief moment when the neuronicons are merely sitting ducks with an inoperable defense system.

The snapshot:
A backdrop with the huge CPU being pulled out of the ground to the left, long wires running from it to the freight ships hanging high up in the air, searchlights flashing, a swarm of enemy fighters around the CPU like flies on a pile of dung… a soft watery landscape heading towards a nearby city/node to the right… In the foreground, a single but mean-looking battledroid waving a big chaingun, and just behind it our hero, Lord Panzerpants, right arm pointing to the sky, his hand holding the remote for the planet-auto-destruct-o-matic just in case he has no choice but to blow everything up rather than surrender the planet to the enemy.

It’s the ultimate battle for the Neuronicons.
No matter how it ends, nothing is ever going to be the same.


I’ve got some thumbnails sketched up so far, but I’ll post something better later on instead.

Rock on, and good luck to all :buttrock:


sounds great so far. Definitely one Ill be keeping my eye on.


Jeez, James :eek:

a brief synopsis
Written the ‘bible’ for it already - good luck, be watching the updates closely :slight_smile:


Can’t wait James! Sounds great. Think BIG, BIG, BIG!!