Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jacques Pena


Hi Sleepinglion

How did I miss your thread, I have to say I think your design of the train is wonderful
a little Retro, but a great design, only thing I will say is the lighting will be important to highlight all the details in the final image.

Excellent work!

check my link

Paul Patina!



that train rocks

crude? where ?

your whole scene is insanely cool


give the scene some better contrast(my opinion)


Hi Sleepinglion

in answer to your question, yes it gives a sense of stylization
to the image, but I dont think Im gonna use rust effect, as its
a bit cliché to use rust I think, besides in my story, its a new world.
although I will be using dust and dirt.

thanks for reply, Patina…

I would bring the train closer to the foreground, its such a visual stunning object.

I like the process your dealing with, especailly when you mentioned
“Unify all your designs”, seems like a great way to to deal with
modeling:) So far your model looks great, im interested to see how it
would look with the plastic material. Looks pretty nice with the
tecture on it, your thinking of adding any rust or anything to make
it seem aged or used?


It may not be full-night scene but I really like that feel to it. It gives a sense of “fogs of war” :thumbsup:
I second visualact here. You could use a little more contrast on the scene.


LOVE that train! Your scene is really going to look great. :thumbsup: I can’t believe how fast you work.


Looking really really nice. Once you add even more buildings in the bg it should look rather complete. Character looks really nice too, very pretty…and that’s always a plus!



wow. looks great, Jaques!:buttrock: another wonderful entry i didn’t watch here between these million threads…but finally i found it. Yeahhh! :bounce:

Wish u a happy new year 2005 and all the best to u and to your loved ones, dude!:slight_smile:



Hi Jaques,

Looks really good and remember passing by your posts very early on. It has certainly come a long way since then. Keep it up as you are very nearlyu there.



Totally amazing style in here, I love it. Especially the female cyborg character is great, but also the whole atmosphere you present is interesting.

Nice entry, I missed it until now, please forgive me for that…


To save time and a whole lot of memory issues, I rendered the characters seperate from the back ground. Saving it with an alpha channel so i’m able to put it together in photoshop without any error. Frankly, I have to sacrifice the train for my character setup and roadblock. But some sacrifices had to be made for the final. There was alot of texturing issues, object issues, and lighting issues I needed to tweak.


Well with the ship rendered and added, and the characters well placed, my initial image is wrapped up. With some photoshop touchup and color correction…I think I’m finish. I think. :slight_smile:


In the end: 8hours to render background. 6hours to render the characters. Everything modeled in Cinema 4d, textures and mapping with Bodypaint and Photoshop. Weeks worth of sleep missed…sure enough this was a challenge.


wow thats an incredible picture:eek:! hope u,ll get some sleep now :)!


very nice work, i especially like the finished product. keep posting more good stuff for us!


I’d suggest a bit of overall color grade, to add some dominant color, just to bring things together more, and get away from that grey colors.


Your image has a good feel, with the smog and such. Is this on a planet, or is this a Space theme? I think I like your image without the humans and the airship in. Even if you had a number of decaying dead troopers in the scene, it could give an even stronger mood to the image, maybe even some mystery.


Great image - I don’t know how I’ve missed it until now! I love the modelling on the cyborgs!


yeah very nice image


Very cool image here…suprised I missed it so far…awesome models very styised …good anime look to them…congrats to you for sure… :thumbsup: