Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Jacques Pena


Here’s a little preview of the air ship I will add to the background sky.


thats some awesome stuff u got in there:) ! i like the lighting of the backdrop, a bit darker i think or is it my monitor ;). but the modeling is nicely detailed !


I like the look that you are creating. What kind of sky are you going to use for the finished image?


great work :thumbsup:


I’m going to use the original background I created, just need to do a lil bit of color tweaking for the final.

Thx for the comments ya :slight_smile:


Nice work, and served fresh and hot, too! I only hope it doesn’t get too
dark, but I think your sky will lighten it up. That cyborg looks tasty. Maybe
too tasty for the city. Maybe the city could use a more spiffy building. Maybe
a shinier one too. Maybe not. Maybe good contrast in color and style, like she’s
a new girl on the block. Maybe I likes it. Yes.

My 3d entry


Hi Jaques,

Very nice and great progress in such a short space of time. Look forward to seeing how this develops (oh and nice attention to detail).



Just excellent work! I am using c4d too and your work shows the potential of this program :slight_smile:


great work. no crits here. :thumbsup:


cool city! are you gonna add some more atmos like fog or dirt and stuff? keep it up!


Actually I will add more dirt and grim. I’m also re working the atmosphere for objects in the distance.


Hey mate!

Wow… great work on that cyborg! Pretty solid modeling skills you’ve got there… Great shading as well :thumbsup:

Good job on the composition too! The angle is much better now imho, and the additional buildings you’ve come up with are great! Texturing looks pretty good too, really no crits here… Very stylish anime type look! I love it!

Are you going for a night scene or daytime? Can’t wait to see the city fully lit :bounce:

Keep up the great work mate, and take care!


Not only cyborg …but city and all…amazing work…how did i miss this? …i like your design very much ! :bounce: :thumbsup: :bounce:


Hey I like this , I like it all . And you seem to come up with the textures, design and
everything so easily !


first time here and I have to say that you have some very interesting work here, that sexy killer robot looks outstanding :thumbsup:


Now that my main model is complete, I’m at the point where I’m more and happy with it. Since my concpet is war, I added a lil more dirt and raise the bump a lil for a metal texture. I’m still playing around with color atm.


To make my scene a little more appealing, I created a “train”. So far it seems like a good addition. It was a quick model that took about 1 day. A crude way of modeling, but I didnt want to waste any time.


With the train added, its time to do some post effect and compositing again. In stead of photoshoping my background I decided to use cinema 4d techniques and create the atmosphere with the fog option and a gradient on a sky object. So far so good…I guess. From top to bottom is my process, still on color correcting atm. :confused:


I wanted kinda of a night scene, but that was tough for me, cause lighting is not my best friend. Basically just a mid day, but the city is kinda torched cause of war…so im doing my best to figure that out.


Thanks for the comments I really appreciate it guys…especially since i’m falling behind cause of memory issues. :confused: