Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Ivan Ramadan


Ivan Ramadan has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Hi there everyone and good luck with the challenge!

  • my idea is to create a huge living planet-sized city, made of flesh, or maybe plant-like structures, which is the result of bilions of years of evolution. That city would have all vital systems needed to keep it alive and running. But now some catastrophic event is about to destroy the whole civilization.

I still haven’t decided what would be the catastrophic event, but I am considering a dying star (the mother star has reached it’s end and is exploding as super nova), or encounter with another civilization (the city doesn’t have any defences as these were not needed since everything on the planet is living in piece and order).

I’ll post first sketches soon!


hey nice idea u got there mate… welcome and wish a all the best… i’ll b waiting for some concept drawings of ur gr8 idea…


Very cool concept. What about technology packed mothership crashing into the city? Like a needle in the flesh :).

Looking forward to see the sketches, good luck!


concept for the plant like structures…


An alien ship hovering above the city. I like the “needle” idea and I intend to make the structures fleshy while the ship would be very sharp looking.

thanks for comments


I haven’t yet decided how will the final city look like…I may go with grid pattern to make it look huge but all buildings will be smooth and life-like. More concepts coming soon!


The first scetch I think is stronger > shows more design and the perspective has more potential to show dramatic content.


Liking the sketches! I agree that the perspective of the first sketch is much more dramatic, maybe take the foreground image from the first and layer it over the second? Also, relating to the story, the alien ships almost look like spores that have grown on the planet and are drifting away (possibly to another planet?). Rather like the seeds from a dandylion, maybe that would be a good thing to incorporate if the alien plant-life senses the star is to die?? Just a thought, conjured up from great concept sketchwork!

Looking forward to seeing this progress! :bounce:


Well, I don’t want to go against the grain, but I prefer the second image. The first appears strong because of the odd angle and cropping. It looks like a forest of trees and gives you a sense of repitition. The second gives more of a sense of what this civilization is like. Looking down, or looking up on the focal point is something you’ll have to consider as each does something different. I think something you’ll need to concentrate on is the question of “what is your topic” Anyhoo, good luck; I like what I’m seeing


one more concept drawing of those “mushroom” buildings, these should be very large (can’t be actually seen in the concepts I know :)) but I plan to make them all full of holes and with lots of fleshy parts growing on them.

This image would show the dying sun idea, and the whole scene is inside one big canyon full of life.

thanks for comments!


quickly colored version of the above concept just to experiment with the lightening and colors…


Wow! good stuff here!


I made another rough sketch from the different angle…as you can see I lifted the camera high above the canyon. I think this way I can make better illusion of vastness.

Still havent decided if it’s better to put red giant on the horizon or throw in some mean high tech alien ships…

One is certain, it won’t be any battles, I want to show the tension right before the cataclismic event.

c&c very welcome



Hello Ivan…very nice concepts.The last certanly is the more vast and majestic.For vastness it’s a good choice of angles.I like the organic feel and design.Have fun,and nice start.:thumbsup:


The angular arrangement of the horizont line is a very nice detail I didn´t see yet in the other concepts. But this kind of perspective screams for a nice flying action in the foreground.
I personally like this one more than the second one. I wouldn´t insert a big planet in the horizont because that´s what often used in such cases. Rather your mentioned skyline or some indication of a big spreaded civilization.


Nice idea but what about the concretisation???


I really like the last concept sketch… can’t wait to see some alien ships flying by…
awesome stuff, I think your entry is going to rock


hey ghoul … really nice sketches … the last one is certainely an eye catcher … wonderful palette choice

the idea or concept has a lot of potential and intrigue to it … good stuff … best of luck and welcome:thumbsup:


Virtuoso - thank you, this is probably going to be the final angle…

Fahrija - I didn’t mean big planet but a dying star. Red giant is the final phase of life of Sun-like star, and if you read my background story you’ll see I need some cataclismic event :slight_smile: But I kinda agree I need something in the foreground…don’t know will see…thanks for comments!

Oliver3D - first things first - sketches and the idea…but I doubt I’ll resist to model one of those “mushroom” structures :stuck_out_tongue:

Versiden - thank you!

pigwater - what can I say but thank you very much :slight_smile: