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Igor Tkac has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Stranded on Phobos

My name is Capt. Terran Samura and I am the chief officer in charge of the construction project labeled as “Adam” near the Eden region on Mars.
On July 20th, year 2054,at around 18:26 hours, an asteroid that I have pretentiously dubbed as the Humpback
meteor struck the Melas Chasma region of the Valles Marineris, the biggest canyon system present in our soloar system. I was flying a Light wing, Craneship class, from Syrtis Minor to the
Adam construction site when the meteorite impacted the planet and sent an absolutely astounding shockwave around the entire surface of Mars.
It is unclear to me how such an enormous object went undetected by the Syrtis Minor outpost or the W.A.S.A. on planet earth but it was clearly a gargantuan oversight.
The asteroid is at least two hundred kilometers in circumference
on it’s shortest axis and is emitting a plume of black smoke hundreds of kilometers into Mars’ atmosphere.
Amidst the chaos, I made an unbelievably regretful decision to make an emergency landing on Phobos,
one of the two small moons that orbit Mars, after numerous distress signal upload failures.

The impact was rather soft due to Phobos’ low gravity, burying the Lightwing in three meters of dust, leaving the Craneship completely intact
with the exception of a nitris hose responsible for injecting fuel to the two main verticle thrusters which
was punctured and rendered useless,leaking all of the vehicle’s fuel onto Phobos’ dark dust. A secondary reserve fuel tank survived the impact
but so far I’ve found nothing in My vessel that even remotely resembles the strangely shaped damaged hose and neither Mars or the planet Earth have replied to
My distress signals.
Absolutely all uploads/downloads between my Lightwing vessel and Mars
have been disrupted by the meteorite impact which is unfortunate because all signals travel through the Syrtis Minor communications outpost before being sent to Earth,
communication with the W.A.S.A. is impossible at this time.
It is now my 23rd day here on this moon and I’ve dug a trench exposing the left headlight of my ship after it was buried, hoping that maybe someone
on the surface of Mars will detect the faint light emitting from this dark gray rock during the night. Only a few rations of water are left along with some vitamin powders
and protein pills. There is enough battery power for
all of the Craneship’s lights to shine for another three months, if not four. There is nothing to do here… Other than to watch this Grand Space Opera.
Capt. Terran Samura,
Eden project
Lead excavation unit


I am going to try and depict a colder hostile enviro and play with the warm vs. cold element. The home world is gone and a new one emerges.

This is inspired by working long tough days here at my shop. Sometimes my mind drifts… What would it be like if everyone started back at square one.


This was the initial pen sketch


Damn Ig, that color rough is nice. Very well balanced… I especially like the silhouetted figures against the snow…


cool very intresthing… nice idea !!! best luck and welcome to challenger!!!

c ya


nice concept~~
Cool color balance
but the compositing some is stuffy.

good luck~~


Very nice hand drawing!! keep on!!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone! Good luck!


hey nice concepts… i like both of them, but i think the first one is lot closer to the challange theme… but it needs more action to it… i like where u r goin… best of luck and keep up the good work… i’ll b waiting for ur update :thumbsup:


like specially the first one, curious 'bout the following details :thumbsup:


Some vector shapes…


Concept dualie wing light


Lightwave 3D… Testing for any flaws… This light will be on the end tip of a broken wing, providing some warmth on the new cold planet. Part will be broken.


Brutal, just brutal, i wanna see this finished!!! have a good job!!



A small res test.


Vector art for ship… CorelDraw12


The front part of the ship will be covered in snow, therefore, unfinished.


Hi there! I like your concept a lot! I think that the texturing is ok, but more marks of use and passed battles would be required. I also think that this ship should be a little bit bigger(I mean your texturing test with the mountains, pilots and a planet in the background )

Good luck! I’ll be watching you:twisted:


I like the concept of your ship, it looks more technic that those that have a lot of holes , dirth and pieces, …simply and modern, maybe it nedd a little scratch in the textures.
lets to see more.


Thanks fellaz. Tons more work to be done for sure still. arturro… Lots of designs in your entry so far… Keep it up.