Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Harald Martinsen


Harald Martinsen has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


A basic sketch to get a feel of the scene.

  • It is a fight between two men in a hall. This is a war on two planes.
    1: a fight on the personal level between two enimies
    2: a fight between two different races (the sketch gives two humans, but one of them will be of another species from the invading forces you see through the glass in the window.


I have been working on the basic idea and it is build around a conflict between to oposition forces working out there dislike and hate for each other through years of gigantic spacebattles.

My image will try to capture this conflict by focusing on to a fight between two figures representing the two sides in the conflict. In the background, in the image, I will build up a full scale spacewar between big ships and battlestation in the sky !!

You will see this through the window behind the two fighting persons. At the same time there will be more fighting in the room to the left in the image (A throne room I think, maybe).

This second sketch is a color swatch of the basic colors to be used in the image. There is also an example of a suitable background (painted in photoshop) and a small 3d camera test !!


Hey I like the whole up close and personal approach to an epic scene. If done correctly I believe you can deliver an epic wieght to a scene involing only two characters, it will depend greatly on your mastery of negative space and composition. I would recommend not to get to carried awayed trying to makeing this a “spacy” scene. I not all to sure you even need the window looking out into space. Not only is it very cliche, but it will take attention from the most important thing, your two characters. In fact here is an idea for an alternative to incorporating epic space into your scene.

Why not have them fight in front of a large war map?? It offers some many more creative opportunities, and in a way would go to explaining a story of why perhaps they are figthing in there frist place.

I reallly appreaciate the control of your gamma using color strips,… this is a very good technique for assuring yourself that you wont get disorganized color wise.

I hope you dont get discourged from the lack of replies… believe me I know how that can feel. Just understand that most people are looking for more “traditional” rendetions of sci-fi themes and your work really inicially wont peak much intrest. I really hope you keep working on this on, it has alot of potencial.

Good luck amigo.


Hi and thanks for your input WazaR. You are so correct on the window part. I also figured out that when I tried to view a large spacewar through the relative small window I had to build to much into that little space. The problem this created was that it took the focus away from the main fight between the two characters.

The original idea was to have a “homely” scene in the room to the left (I see now that I forgot to write this down) and a “cold” war through the window to the right. I still thing the contrast here would make a interesting setup, but at the same time it could be to many focus point in the image ! ?

I think I have to focus tightly on the fight in the front and then open up a larger view in the background so the two main characters sort plays out the essens of the battle in the background !!


I am building up a scene based on the color schema that I made. It turns basically towards deep red an this image is a background test !


I am not sure about how the composition between the front fight and the environment around the fighters shall be, and I am very open for any input here !!

Still I think I have to start working on the two front figures and take it from there !!


Good progress. I would recommend that you use landscape compostion and put these two guys in one corner. It will make their fight seem very lonely and desolate and will concentrate alll the attention on the two figures. Keep the good work up.


Thanks for your input !!


I immediately though about Dune, might be the red desert…

Right now they seem to be having a long duel in the night, maybe in secret outside the city. I actually really like that it isn’t this great epic scale and vast armies clashing and so on. But if you wan’t that you really have the potential to turn this into a duel in the middle of the battlefield as well with that angle.

The difference in the weapons the characters carry also gave me the feeling that it’s sort of a peasant rebellion, I really like the frightened look of the guy with helmet and pistol getting overmanned by a guy with a knife.

And I really like the gloomy mountains in the background, it gives it all a mystical feeling.

It’s evocative and inspiring, but a story behind the scene would be great to have.

Good luck with this one!


Hi Bumbi

Thanks for your input !! So far I have concentrated on the color schema, background and I am about to start building up the two main characters and the placement of there fight in the greater scheme of things. They will fight a lonely fight, but they will also be part of a bigger war. So far I am not sure how to illustrate this, but I got some ideas in my head that I will put down as fast as it is possible !! :slight_smile:

Thanks !!


Hi, Harald!

Like the dynamics in your characters! I think that the back of the upper one should touch some kind of destroyed building or some armored machine… And also chaotic surroundings of machines, buildings and flesh. In my opinion these will contribute very much to show the situation and to emphazise those characters action.

Just few ideas from me. Good luck with your work! I will see how it’s gonna turn out.:bounce:
PS: I would go for an open area scene rather than the look from the inside of some building. 'Cause it will create more epic piece.


Hi Andrey_SE

Yes, that could be a good idea ! I am working on the characters now and I think I will concentrate on the dynamic in the fight and then see how this can be fittet into an environment !!

Thanks for you input



Just a new background test with a first 3D test of one of the, not finished, characters !!
I will not build to much details into the characters body as they will be clothed !!


The basic 3D modelling of my first fighter i finished. Now I have to dress him !!


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