Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hao AiQiang


Hao AiQiang has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Dawn of Doomsday

final image


basic 3c model + alittle paint

for concept sketch


Welcome MEtalcraer!!
Good luck for the remaining time.



thank you!!


scense sketch


ship & charact design


base model


Hi MEtalcraer!!

I do not excatly know, what you are doing, and how it will look later, but the modelling looks good to me. Very clean modelling. I hope you will post some bigger renders so I can see more of your models…

Good luck with the challange.



Thank you Road runner

I talk a story with my image

Dawn of Doomsday


In the far far away from the Earth A planet named “Stabile”.some planter from the Earth killed more and more aborigines at “Stabile”.the few of “Aborigines” escape to the secondary planet of “Stabile”
At ten years ago the surviver make lots of bio-robot named “Orb” “Orb” will produce innumerable “Suicide”.“Suicide” can kill All of human and
destruct all of building.
At the battlefield , almost no one can survive
The lastest combatants “joanna” and “knoop” still fire
to the enemy.the sun slowly rised. No reinforcement
No any hope! Why them persevere in the battle?

Dawn of doomsday ?

Or human’s doomsday?

Or aborigines’s doomsday?

I hope everyone know my meaning,because I couldn’t be good at english.


Final model’s wireframe


Modeling with G.I skylight


final modeling


final modeling with texture


my home and workplace can not conect to internet

so I must upload some image with same time


final model at here

the before final model is lighting !


the lighting without texture




final composition !!!


final image


FANTASTIC :thumbsup: