Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim



sumawut sookvamdee: thanks pal.

arturro:Yup i did!:slight_smile: and would like to thanks u for ur continues replies.thanks! my friend!

Dutchman: thanks mate! its great to hear comments and crits!:smiley: …btw heheh there was no specific part of the country hit…it hit all…i had to go to office that day with knee depth of sea water around but thats small compared to other areas…thanks for the concern!:slight_smile:

Virtuoso: thanks friend! u always take time to reply posts to everyone…and such nice words too…u one of the greatest ppl! thanks again!

eatbug:yup i think so too!:slight_smile: ! thanks man!

blackdragoncg,vrf,essencedesign: thanks guys ur comments mean much!bt:scream:

btw havent seen Kragh…:shrug: ! where are u? i bet ull have a load of c&cs to the new final image!:deal: !

and thanks u all who have taken the time to comment and i forgot about…realy sorry!wish guys all the best!


Great job on your entry, I don’t know how I missed so much of its progress… I have just been sooo busy the last month I have barely slept. Congrats on finishing in fine fashion. You have done a fantistic bit of work man. GL, in the final.


Hi Hamid

Sorry for being away…Have been very busy making vacation houses. Also got another job besides. Building a database for a company, but also making the application running on top of the database…very fun. Specially making the form layout, colors etc. is very funny, I think. Really trying to get away from the grey windows form look, which I hate, from a creative view.
Fun, fun.

Seems you people got a little extra time, working on the final image. Now I really hate my [color=white]decision on quitting the challenge. These two extra days could have made the difference, and I probably could have made some kind of final image. If I´d only knew…-no need to regret, tons of other challenges coming…:)[/color]

I think you have used the extra time very well. You have removed the platforms, and I honestly never found them very appealing. Just didn´t want to say at that time, seemed a little late. Also, you have made the picture more saturated, which I , as I mentioned, missed a little before. Nice colors now:thumbsup:

The overall background is a little more detailed now, with clouds and all. Very nice. The last improvement: The robot…Has been made bigger(Not actually bigger, but he seems bigger), which suits “him”(I asume it´s a male robot, has had the feeling since he had the “thing”…you know…:)). In denmark we have a word of what the robot looked like, when he(it) was “smaller” in the picture. I don´t know if it´s a understandable word in english: a match man(Like a man build of matches…makes sence???) Anyways, more details can be seen on it now, works better…:slight_smile:

I think you can do very well in this challenge, your picture has something alot of other pictures don´t; Artistic visions, and great composition. A lot of pictures in this challenge, are technically very nice, but lacks some kind of meaning. Just a bunch of models and textures, showing that the person behind, know how to use the software. Seems you master both the technically part of 3d, but also has great artistic skills…:slight_smile: Nice…
[color=white]Actually think, that most of the great images is in the 2D section. Just more overall meaning in the images there…Hope you have had the time to check them out, nice stuff in there. If not, go do it now![/color]

I need to go now, have to go get my daughter, she´s staying at my place untill tuesday. Looking forward. Have just bought a new bed for her, bigger and better…Hope she´ll like it.

Anyways, “see” u soon, and all the best of “luck” in the final voting. Btw. do you know, if only challengers can vote? Would like to vote also, just not sure if I can…



Btw. I asume the floating things in the background, are the ones you call: “Low poly subraycons”…What does that mean…have no clue at all:)


oh busy eh? good for u Kragh:thumbsup::deal:! yeah the 2d section is the best …yup seen the works there! and the last time i checked the FAQ everybody whos registered at cgtalk can vote:)!
…and i didnt remove the platforms(yeah they were last minute jobs so dont look nice)but kinda hid them in the cloud layer so if u look closely its still there…btw dont hold anything back i wouldnt mind any hard crits ;)! thw subraycons are ships thats capable of going through ocean and space and are search units , they vey large almost the size of a mother ships so can contain enormous number of passengers! and also heavily armed!..yup undertsand what u mean by the robot:)!

thanks for the kind words it mean very much! :D!


hi all!

ok done voting:)! it was a tough one…heheh and tommorw is the parlemntary voting in our country …heheh !..there sure was nice ones that i didnt see before!:thumbsup:!and the 2d section rocks!:). and of course there were outstanding stuff in the 3d section! and this has been a great journey!!:bounce::bounce:


Hi Hamid

Been without internet for 3 days. Some major cable problems with my provider. Also haven´t had regular telephone, only cell phone. Hard thing for a danish guy in the year 2005. But about some real problems: How is things in the maldives, getting back on track?

About the challenge, when will there be some kind of public voting result? Looking forward to see how long you can take this.

Well, bye for now. Have a nice day.


oh sorry to hear that! it seems the results will be anounced on feb 14th! well not much hope there!:slight_smile: …but anyway its fun and a start!:slight_smile:

and as for the situation here…i think its starting to get better !


great concept very original! good luck


hey i want to see more updates!:twisted:






jajajajajaja. “in the middle of the nigth”? you work a lot…i just trying to say that i want a lot of updates because i like your work, and i am addicted to this!:twisted::buttrock:

Sorry if i bother you:sad:


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