Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Hamid Ibrahim


thanks arturro : u have followed my thread and always encouraged me! without a miss!:applause:

thanks Kragh: ur the best!:thumbsup:! ur been following this thread more then me! and thanks again for the continues support and crits my friend ! they are sure source of improvement to me!
ok ill upload close ups!
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its been three nights without sleep to finish this and now i feel …hehehe …u know!:argh::argh:


just tuned the brows a lil bit !





You sure it´s the final, still got some time left…:):slight_smile:


heheh yeah! its actauly 18th july here:)! cgtalk and cgnetworks are so busy today eh? wonder y:rolleyes:!

here is a jump for u Kragh! :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce:… well they are smaller but more …lol:deal:

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Those spacE tornados look awesome…very imaginitive !!


Great modeling and idea. I love the story told in the image.

One thing I’m not fond of is the depth of field. For an image of this scale, the shallow DOF makes it look like a miniature. For this type of scene, the depth of field should be much deeper. Maybe you can play with a different version for later.

Make sure you submit this to Expose 3! I’d enjoy seeing it in print.



Wow awsome result! very different and imaginative:bounce:

Good luck to you i hope you do well! this is nice work.

Kind Regards


hi guys… cant thank you all enough…but still thanks:thumbsup:…hey whats this …have the time been extended or something…eh?? while i ve been sleeping …


ok found out hehehe …:blush:…u lucky guys out there…:rolleyes:!


hi again this is the very final final…since i did the previouse ones compositing at a rush…did it again!


this scene is after the galactic flooding i have told before.

a group of confedrates calling themselves “the rebuilders intergalacticia” started to search the galaxy into getting inteligent beings to serve them to build a new civilization …but they were driven to slavery of those who submit…knowing this the ppl began to hide in all the corners of galaxy where no one will look…then the TRI’s began to score the galaxy with there massive Subraycons to take ppl out forcefully…and killing…! in one corner of the galaxy known as the space oceania whirls(SWO) a group of the last rescures finds the subraycons battalion in the distance and the triple starts off to warn the tribes that live among the astroid islands in the SWO.

About the image:
renderd about 6 layers…the bg sea…the tornadoes…the particle clouds…the three ppl…the bg planets…the low poly subraycons…the rock belts…

each took about 20 minutes to render.on two dual amd opterons.

compositing done in photoshop… all layers combined…intergrated some clouds textures…and adjusted the colour…manuel fog…manuel…blurring hmm thats all …:slight_smile:



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


I see that you have used the time given very wel. The new version is much better, my congratulaitons! good luck now my friend. Let the polygon be with you:thumbsup:


:bounce: :eek: :bounce:

WOOOW! Incredibly nice stuff you got here! :eek: Just amazing… Things I really much like, is the DOF, the fog, and the planets in the BG…!

Drooooooling… :drool:

offtopic: I feel sorry for you that such a big desaster hit your country… Wish you much strength… Especially if you ‘did have something’ with that part of the country…

Greetz & good luck at the vote,


Congrats hamid…A wonderful end result.A picture to lok upon and enjoy.Great to see you finih and finish with fine results,All the best you in this challenge and all else you set out to do…:thumbsup:


hi yunisirees,now It’s really awesome !:thumbsup: more better than wishs.



sumawut sookvamdee: thanks pal.

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Great job on your entry, I don’t know how I missed so much of its progress… I have just been sooo busy the last month I have barely slept. Congrats on finishing in fine fashion. You have done a fantistic bit of work man. GL, in the final.


Hi Hamid

Sorry for being away…Have been very busy making vacation houses. Also got another job besides. Building a database for a company, but also making the application running on top of the database…very fun. Specially making the form layout, colors etc. is very funny, I think. Really trying to get away from the grey windows form look, which I hate, from a creative view.
Fun, fun.

Seems you people got a little extra time, working on the final image. Now I really hate my [color=white]decision on quitting the challenge. These two extra days could have made the difference, and I probably could have made some kind of final image. If I´d only knew…-no need to regret, tons of other challenges coming…:)[/color]

I think you have used the extra time very well. You have removed the platforms, and I honestly never found them very appealing. Just didn´t want to say at that time, seemed a little late. Also, you have made the picture more saturated, which I , as I mentioned, missed a little before. Nice colors now:thumbsup:

The overall background is a little more detailed now, with clouds and all. Very nice. The last improvement: The robot…Has been made bigger(Not actually bigger, but he seems bigger), which suits “him”(I asume it´s a male robot, has had the feeling since he had the “thing”…you know…:)). In denmark we have a word of what the robot looked like, when he(it) was “smaller” in the picture. I don´t know if it´s a understandable word in english: a match man(Like a man build of matches…makes sence???) Anyways, more details can be seen on it now, works better…:slight_smile:

I think you can do very well in this challenge, your picture has something alot of other pictures don´t; Artistic visions, and great composition. A lot of pictures in this challenge, are technically very nice, but lacks some kind of meaning. Just a bunch of models and textures, showing that the person behind, know how to use the software. Seems you master both the technically part of 3d, but also has great artistic skills…:slight_smile: Nice…
[color=white]Actually think, that most of the great images is in the 2D section. Just more overall meaning in the images there…Hope you have had the time to check them out, nice stuff in there. If not, go do it now![/color]

I need to go now, have to go get my daughter, she´s staying at my place untill tuesday. Looking forward. Have just bought a new bed for her, bigger and better…Hope she´ll like it.

Anyways, “see” u soon, and all the best of “luck” in the final voting. Btw. do you know, if only challengers can vote? Would like to vote also, just not sure if I can…