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Hamid Ibrahim has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Drowning Galaxy

hi again this is the very final final…since i did the previouse ones compositing at a rush…did it again!


this scene is after the galactic flooding i have told before.

a group of confedrates calling themselves “the rebuilders intergalacticia” started to search the galaxy into getting inteligent beings to serve them to build a new civilization …but they were driven to slavery of those who submit…knowing this the ppl began to hide in all the corners of galaxy where no one will look…then the TRI’s began to score the galaxy with there massive Subraycons to take ppl out forcefully…and killing…! in one corner of the galaxy known as the space oceania whirls(SWO) a group of the last rescures finds the subraycons battalion in the distance and the triple starts off to warn the tribes that live among the astroid islands in the SWO.

About the image:
renderd about 6 layers…the bg sea…the tornadoes…the particle clouds…the three ppl…the bg planets…the low poly subraycons…the rock belts…

each took about 20 minutes to render.on two dual amd opterons.

compositing done in photoshop… all layers combined…intergrated some clouds textures…and adjusted the colour…manuel fog…manuel…blurring hmm thats all …:slight_smile:


hi everyone! here is my concept.let me explain a little about the image and a brief history of what its about. its a galaxy flooded with an ocean beyond imagination.And since a long long time ago there have always been war between the planetarians (like us) and the ocean dwelling creatures.After fighting for so long a time the ocean creatures seemed to be wining, so the remaining threads of planetarians search to flee to other galaxies.In this scene the image depicts a group of beings (looks rather human )and some other creatures starting the journey after a rest in this particular astroid.At the background are planets half submerged in the ocean.And the sun above keeps the ocean from invading in due to its heat.


nice concept … looking foward to your 3d models


the intial modeling of palm tree .


construction of the base model for the smaller biengs. maybe ill modify some of them to look more alien later.


Very nice concept, but a lot hard work to be done… and small amount of time… So many characters to model and pose… I hope you will manage to do it! good luck


the base hand witch ill make slight modifications for the different charaters in the scene.


just finished the basic mesh of the women.


arturro ur right! but thanks for the encouragment. have been up all day modeling and i suspect till the dead line. cheers :slight_smile:



I agree with arturro, but I see also that you’re working very fast… and it looks good and clean, what I see yet. I’m looking forward to see details on your characters!

Good luck!



yeah roadrunner4D, thanks ! well i know im a bit of a jumble here anyways here is an explantion of how the galaxy became as it is.

a long long time ago (well guys its the same old classic opening again :rolleyes:) there lived an ocean based civilisation . they were rapidly running out of space to live in there planet called “kandrioxan”. one man a brilliant scientist invented the method of creating water through hyperspace but something went very wrong resulting the production of endless water thereby spilling out of the planet into space and spread throught out the galaxy.
but this didnt make any problems to the kandorians …:slight_smile:


hi! here is the basic hand modified to look more muscular and manly


its yet the model i worked on most. is more muscular then i originally planed . will water down the muscles a bit … good idea?


here some smoothing tests i have done so far but still a lot to go


Wow so much work in two days! Amazing works too. :applause:


Really first class modelling! I still think you could somehow spice up the concept to make it more interesting. maybe add some aliens or somehow create some action area to be focused more. But anyway, you’re on the right track!

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Oh my God:thumbsup:

You’re faster than I thought you were… And this is a stunning work! Now I haven’t got doubts that you will do that in this time!

Good luck!



heheh well i have actualy started modeling 4 days ago :twisted:! i didnt post any though because i was actually having doubts myself whether i can do this on time. but one of my friends here practically dragged down by my ears and so here i am.

thnkx a bunch guys now im really motivated :bounce:


Wow…that is actually one of the best body models in this challenge. Perfect proportions, it´s clear you have some kind of anatomy reference. Awesome!!!

I´ll follow this, and that´s a fact!


Didn´t see this at first, and maybe it doesn´t matter, as I asume this body to get some cloth on.
But still;

There is some problems in the area where the breast muscle moves up and becomes the shoulder muscle…it´s devided in a stange way. Maybe check it out, as this muscle is one complete muscle (I think, but I´m actually not sure…).