Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gunilla Elam


Gunilla Elam has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: coming home

This is it - my final image

“Coming Home”

Hope you like it.


Draft of the city


hey Gunilla, welcome to the challange, wish ya all the best and hope to c ur concept drawgins real soon…

edit: ops seems like u did post ur concepts… and it looks nice… keep it up… i’ll b droping by for updates…


Another one, a bit closer


the first one looks good, but the second one looks like a picture from a fairy tale, i dont really c much of space opera in it… keep posting ur updates :thumbsup:


Thanks for the welcome,

This is my first entrance in a challange and also my first post at CGtalk - wish me luck and I’ll do my best with it.

Main concept:

A city floating on a planet, have been a target for an attack that have lasted for eons.
It’s the dawn after the final battle and the reconstruction of the city can start.
Signs of activity is beginning to show.
The city seems partly organic and partly man-made, the dome raising above it might look a bit like the inside of a skull - suggesting that the scene takes place inside someones mind - as a fantasy or memory.


you’re so fast I didn’t even had time for the first reply!
Thanks for the fairytale warning, I’ll keep it in mind - Don’t want to fall into that pit even if it probably will have some elements from that kind of world


Small spaceships flying around the city


Thanks for the warning on fairytales- even if I’d like to have some fairytale like elements in it I don’t want it to turn out as a cliche town.

My previous reply seems to have been lost on this - sorry if it turns up twice


I agree with 3Doid on that one, it doesn’t seem much like a space opera. The first one however does appear more spacey and that would be the concept I’d work on further. I can see where you’re trying to take it, and it definitely looks good!


Thansk both for your warnings - I’ll see to it so it turns out more Opera like.


A small spaceship and some lookouttowers on asteroids - will probably change these later but like to start testing right away


hey gunilla … really like the style ya got goin here … it’s fun amd whimsical … a difference from the ordinary and looks like it will stand out in it’s own way

keep up the good stuff:thumbsup:


Cool very surreal!


This looks really cool! and funny! :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see how you’re going to texture them

Good luck!


thanks, I’m really having fun with this so far!


Wow. I really like the design and feeling of the ships. Very original! I also agree thet it doesn’t look too iconic yet but I’m sure that will come sooner or later.


Thank you all for the encouragment! I’m not quite sure as to what iconic might be but I’ll try my best at figure it out. Perhaps filling the space with lots of vehicles will do it.


First rough for the whole scene. buildings and boxes on the road are mostly placeholders. Just wanted to show the main idea of the composition.
It will probably turn out completely different since I tend to do most planning while working.


Pretty cool design work, lots of great curves!
Good luck with texturing!