Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


Now that I am finished I can take a little time to visit you all :beer:

First of all you have some very interesting stuff, completely different to what I’ve seen so far :deal: .
Let me ask you something. How did you make that material for these models? They look utterly amazing!!! :eek:


Thank you all:) Unfortunatly i had problems with my computer when i must finish all stuff and also hadnt time because of many works in my boss studio.But it doesn matter i am proud and happy i was participated :wink:
2 nemirc:thanks its handpainted in photoshop then some transparansy, self illumination and thats all- very easy but most of time its just paint tiny detaled textures - i am crazy lil bit i know;-)))
2 Lemog:thank you for beautiful picture dear friend -Happy New Year!
2 mitralone: Cok sag ol! Anliyorum hepsini ve sana da basarilar arzuliyorum.
2 Saschi0815:Best wishes to you!
2 linda: thank you dear:)
2 -OZ-: molto grazie baci :wink:
2 Virtuoso: thank you very for me important your comments:)
2 other :Great thanks dear friends:love:

waiting for next one…we will be back :wink:


I’m waiting that impatiently :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hi Gulchin,
i’m waiting to see you on the next challenge!! I hope you can finish it, lot of imagination on your work, and very nice style!

Thanks for all the help you give me on my challenge. :blush:
It was a pleasure to meet you my friend!! :love:
And thanks for the "knock knock!" technics!! :wink:

Waiting for the next challenge!! :bounce:
And i know it will come soon!!:wink:



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