Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


Beautiful texturing goin’ on, Centavrus…

Cool work, I like a lot the texturing WIP, waiting for you to post more.



I love your colors, is looking very intersting. I would suggest adding some sort of internat veins and parts that are forming thesse creatures. Like a heart or some sort of nucleus. These creatures looks to me that they are kind of transparent. So if you lit them up from the back, you should be able to see the inside of them. Do not make it look gross or anything like it. Try to add some sort of beauty in the inside, like a … glowing soft pink heart/nucleus.

BTW = good concept… very… interesting. :slight_smile:


mne nravitsya ata rabota,:thumbsup:


Your new aliens’ are fantastic Ozer!!! Very cool. I like the organic feel - they almost look like live specimens. Please stay consisitent with that look, it is wholesome.



In your entry I can breathe the freshness. All is perfect: shapes, colours and background! I like so much your style. A really masterpiece of wondering!


Cool ! Very nice patern ! As “Bliz” wrote, maybe a little more transparency in some areas shall refresh the hole shape, by seing thru. Is my english understandable? :blush: Sometimes I don’t understand my own self !:banghead:
Anyway ! I like very much ! good continuing !


I lke your work/art Gulchin…The whole organic appeal is very nice…I could only suggest in this last shot that you could create a little less in patterns or design…Allow the shape to show off the translucence more…The design or heavy patterns takes away from the fluid glows and translucent look you are after…Not a big thing really,just an opinion…I could be the only one thinking this…In either case you are doing a real nice job here,I like the whole concept,I wish you the best in your further efforts…:arteest: :arteest:


Thanks a lot friends! I shall take into account your remarks :slight_smile: about thier houses i think i will do them more like in sketch looking.
p.s: Today is my birthday and I have had a drink :beer: - but its interesting that i can work on challenge now.Again thank you all for comments!kisses!


Good work centavrus!! And happy birthday!! :slight_smile:

Waiting to see more update!!


I wish for you the most french happy birthday of your life :love:


Happy birthday, Cent! You are our big gift! Enjoy


First time here!cool thread!^^ Unusual…!Not about ur challenge in itself but about ur person and ur way of talking with people.Very…nice and simple…how can i explain…mmmh…is just a bit like feeling ad home!(damn bad english!could i try in italian!^^)
Cool idea about ur challenge…apart from ur good skills about 3d (On your site thare are very coll stuff!)…i like the ideas.Keep it up…this thread is interesting…give us more!


Thank you :slight_smile: i am happy i have friends!

2-OZ- grazie segnore baci!


Happy Birthday you have my best wishes:)


wow lol… good tip… and cool stuff for your project happy bday… few alot to cram in to one sentance… any way keep on updating!



This is really something different, looks good! The concept is truly original. Keep it up!




Happy new year, Gulchin. All the best wishes to u :beer::beer::beer:


I wish you dear Gulchin, the best year 2005 you want… in art for sure :wavey:



How did I miss this until today?!?!? Weird. I should have seen it coming up so beautifully.

Great imagination Gülçin. Keep up the good work.

Bravo diyorum. Umarım başarılı olursun(İnşallah türkçe anlıyorsundur tabi:))


Good luck, Centavrus, keep the excellent work:thumbsup: