Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


Go! Go! Dolce… We are all your Fans!!! We love your works!!!

Baci Baci Baci



Dammi mille baci, e poi cento e poi mille :scream:

Ficolo was too strong for us… I give up :smiley:


Ok, I feel like I’m hi-jacking the thread [sorry Centavrus] but… nice to meet you, Lemog, I used tons of your fantastic free tileable textures in the past (and always credited you, of course…). Soooo glad you’re speaking Italian and… you’re right. Ficolo is too strong… I’m givin’ up too.:shrug:




Good sketch for these blu-tornado!! Want to see how you make it in 3D… it can be very very cool! :arteest:
I like the style you’ve got!! Really original! :thumbsup:

( Lemog and DoubleCrash never give up!!:rolleyes: )


Sorry boys…Ficolo…



Now if I only knew were it was you get your inspiration for such evocative images…


:slight_smile: first I LOVE YOU ALL MY FRIENDS!:love: thank you very much for coments its so important very.

2WazaR: i could say that its influence of my childhood when i saw them in my dreams :slight_smile: i read fiction stories about 60 or more - yes when i was 12-16 i always be with books in hands.


Your readings are showing… it’s a boost for the imagination.

We love you too. :smiley:



This is a dreaming thread…fantastic work, sweet sweet like you!Best wishes and good luck!:thumbsup:


NIIIICE concept work CENTAVRUS, I can’t wait to see some modeling. When do you start ?


Centavrus, your project thread has been interesting to read. The eye being model looks strange and beautiful. The texturing and transparencies certainly give it a jellyfish-like appearance. Very cool!


Thank you very much guys - here is a little update for my aliens:) i begin to model their houses.


Yes ! I like it … a guy and a girl ! Very nice. Are you planning to animate them one day? it would be fun ! Go on like this ! You’ve got the right tone !




and another wip


I love the look of the translucent aliens. They are great. I’m not so keen on how busy the texture is on your latest WIP. Maybe you could keep some plain areas on the model to show the translucency off?


What a naughty girl you are, j/k nice updates. Keep them coming! Great use of colors. I can’t wait to see the big picture!


Not bad my dear bad, bad girl:) Your final concept is beautiful! I love it’s colors. Alien design is also very nice. Well done on their [size=2]translucency. I think that their houses can be translucent as well, but maybe with some lights shining from inside… just thinking loudly… Nice stuff! good luck, I’ll be jumping in to see how you’re doin’:thumbsup: [/size]


Wow… your models are beautiful and very natural. You did an awesome job on texturing.:slight_smile:


2arturro: i am agree with you thanks a lot:) i was hurried to send but i thought about some translucensy and glow inside( i am lazy a little bit:blush: )