Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


Very very nice shader! I can really see the translucency, great job, would love to seem more!



that eyethingy is so cool!, very impressive texturing, love the concept so far :cool:


Thank you all very dear friends for last comments,i am happy for incredible job that you do and for that you help each other and me! that is texturing/rendering test for Magnet. i am not yet shure but its something…


Hi Gulchin,

you got a very nice test here…:thumbsup: The texture looks like costing a lot of worktime…
Maybe one little crit: Strong light as u have here is becoming overxposed if the camera direction goes straight in the light, so the light emission in the middle of your sphere should be much brighter! …but this is only a small thing, I know u will do it right!
Anyhow i like your style a lot, Gulchin:applause:

Very cool thread here. Best wishes and have fun:bounce:


Whoa for the effect. You are conveying really the feel of energy flowing, exactly like you hinted in your first sketches. I’m liking this a whole lot, very very cool work.

A kiss!



:thumbsup: Dear friends i am fun of good articles and here is greatest one written by Grag Martin “Capturing Heaven” (14.4 mb PDF):

“…In order to bring to you the best possible visual and explanatory guide to space that I could, I’ve included high-res imagery throughout the article. The images and illustrations are at a modestly compressed 250dpi…”

Hope it will help you in your works in this contest!


Very nice work, the composition seems very interesting, but I agree with Wazar. There is still missing a point of interest, some other action, or characters that interest the audience into seeing your image. Anyway it is looking great!


Very nice work, I love the shaders you have created. The overall concept is out there but very kewl. Thanks for the tutorial on translucency. I keep trying to create tutorials as I go with my entry. Only like 50 some odd jpg updates so far :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the great work.


Very nice work :slight_smile: I like the planet concept. very unique :slight_smile:


Looks great! Love that little glow on the sides


Alien houses will look like this (but it will be pity to destroy them in end)


:deal: I have small amusing lesson on texturing for you - I has developed it recently.
When you have free time you can simply knock on a surface of various subjects (wall, wooden chair, the glasswares etc.) .The sound will give you an idea with what there should be a surface of your objects from which of materials it is possible them make. You must feel the surface and talk with it :slight_smile:


Thanks for this lesson… you’re right… we must feel and talk with it!!! :slight_smile:


My Star
You have an really passion for the esoteric symbols
You are my wizard :arteest:

Amazing colors … You Amazing …:slight_smile:

Kiss kiss


I don’t know you have friends like these aliens… so dreamin sketch… and thanks too for the lesson… I think tomorrow I will do some strange sound at my job… I hope to don’t broke anything :scream:


:thumbsup: Fantastik story I like your idea:thumbsup:
Great modeling .u r real good…:wink:
I look forward to your Space opera Good Luck.


changes-i hope its better version:)


Loving your last sketches… it seems quite a beautiful twist from your original idea, I’ll follow up as usual.

And thanx for the “tactile-texturing” tip… hey, it works! :slight_smile:



Very interesting…seems like a deep ocean scene, but I like it.
Maybe the alien could fit better somewhere in the image rather than in the corner…


Hi Gulchin, first of all thanx a lot for the lesson - it works as i wrote in my thread,too :thumbsup:

…your new sketch looks very fantastix, maybe the aliens should have more focus- they are so nice, so pls show them…do u want to work with some Depth of field? could be great within…
…I believe ( especially looking at the aliens!!!) this is going to be a very good piece of CG-work Bravo, Gulchin - looking forward to see all in place…:bounce:
best regards from germany…:wavey: