Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


centavrus, thanx for giving tutorials of Neil Blevins, He is an amazing artist, I have seen lot of
good designs done by him.
Thanx again:)


Hey cool! That is a slick looking alien there!! Will be keeping an eye on this one I think! Keep it up!!


Also i did bump, displaement and specular maps.The alien model is in wip yet :slight_smile:


polygonal modelling,without displacement yet.


Oh wow, that giant eye is cool looking, it also looks delicate. I’m just thinking it would be cool looking to add a huge eyelid to it.


A beauty!

I like a lot the palette and the design, lovely organic. The big Eye is really cool.

Keep posting!




Looking really nice, but something is lacking inside the body : the eye itself !
Since you use SSS, you should be able to percieve the bottom part of the occular glob inside the creature’s body : in other words : separate it into 2 objects : 1* the eye 2* the body


centavrus: This is looking realy good and so different concept!

Good luck to you:thumbsup:


wow, those sea creature looking creatures looks awesome wareing ur texture… keep it up girl… good luck :thumbsup:


Great “jellyfish” shader !


My head always get so happy when it see something it hasn’t seen before… very original concept, and very nicely executed in 3d so far! I agree with joebount to, that was the first thing I thought of.
looking forward to follow this one more closely, buona fortuna! :slight_smile:


Oh I wish I could do 3D that looks cool :slight_smile:


Excellent modeling and texture!! :thumbsup:

I like the style!

Keep going!! :buttrock:

PS:Thanks for the link to the tutorial. :slight_smile:


Hi Gulchin,

really great shaders u’ve used here:thumbsup: Your alien is from a species of some kind of jellyfish, right? Cool, I do something similar with organic design :-))
Your organics (especially the “feet”) are already extremely nice!:applause:
Maybe one suggestion:what about some more veins around the big eye which connect the eye to the body?

Have fun and keep it up:bounce:


I love the area of the tentacles
I want to see more



hey…that model is very strange…that is an eye?

here is mulder asking about that alien

is strange but nice…keep working:thumbsup:


Héhé… your alien is strange but truly interesting… it design agree me and the textures too… A great pleasure for my eyes… thanks Centavrus :bounce:


Looking really good so far - I love that texture!


hi [color=deepskyblue]gulchin [/color]the color is very cool in the eyes. but don’t cool off…keep going :applause:.


Interesting idea.:thumbsup:
Keep goin’ and post something about the planet.

See this one>