Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


I join the rest of people here saing a big WOW … really nice concept … look forward to see that in 3D … I’ll follow your thread …

bye, Riccardo :slight_smile:


Thank you all very much i am very [color=yellow]happy for your invaluable comments and support![/color]

[color=white]2 Francesco: [/color]Molto grazie segnore- beautiful place i want be there and… tu e molto bello:)

2 funkymunkey90: you are 100% right - i will change coposition on 45 degrees clockwise and will give more perspection.Thank you:)


A very wild and epic event.I like the approach and potential for the grand pivotal moment.Looks promising Gulchin…Nice thoughts and idea,I look forward to your Space opera.All the best to you…:arteest:


I really like your magnetic planet apocalipse idea.
Its really interesting the magnetic fields ripping the land apart.

Just on top of that - any spaceships or flying dragons or steam vessels?
Any furry animals on the land? Aliens, knights, robots…

I just think its a little too simplistic so far and a bit deserted.
But its already looking great! Nice composition.
I just hope you’re adding more features. Would like to see that.

Please take it constructively :wip:


Yes, me too I’m waiting to see all the details coming into place (I really loved your first sketches, specially the one where the force was really visible).

E poi ho visto che parli italiano… complimenti! :buttrock:

Stefano :o)


yes:) you are right guys-it must be some aliens at the stage,thank you realy!


Nice and original …


grazie mille caro amico :slight_smile: i am agree with your comment and will keep force visible in final image


I like your Alien concept. I cant wait to see its 3d version, Are you going to add some glows to
this alien?


2 madshooter: yes i am going to add thank you friend:)


Cool work with that alien… the extremities looks like they will be sucking madness out of the attacked. You draw very well.

Keep up the good work, I’ll stick around. :thumbsup:



Excellent the alien sketch!!!

I like it… also the image in your folder 3D on the net… very like it! (Specially the 03, 14 and the 17 - i don’t know why i can’t see the 18, 19, 20,21 and 22)
Nice style girl! :slight_smile:
Want to see more!!:thumbsup:


I love your concepts maybe you should consider entering the 2D challenge as well?


Hey nice alien!! I can’t wait to see your progress!!


Thancks for “and… tu e bello” :love: You are my Star…:wavey:

Ciao dolce


amazing …work lookingforward to see this completed


I found the concept excellent and sketches primising a wonderful work… for the organic models, don’t worry… this is a challenge where you will beat all what you expected… so go :arteest: … Great alien sketch love it…

good luck/ buona fortuna Gulchin :bounce:


Thats a beautiful sketch gulchin…exotic and free flowing.Transparency for this is a must in 3D,I hope to see this…A little like from the movie the “Abyss”…Again nice and serene…:arteest:


really strange but cool concept
good luck working it out:thumbsup:


Thanks a lot friends, i am happy that you are!:slight_smile:

2 Virtuoso: thank you for your comment- yes translucency is nesessary :slight_smile: i am fun of your art style!

:deal: To all who interested about adding translucency for thier staff in projects i put good article and tutorials [color=white]by [/color]Neil Blevins: