Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gulchin Ozer


great work so far!! waiting for the modelling…keep it up! :love:


This is my final concept sketch.I have added gas effect on a surface of a star and its companion star Sirius B on sky.Hope you like it:)


So your not planing on including any human sized elements?? I was hopeing to see some floating people.


i couldnt model organic forms as i would like to see its problem for me realy friend :sad:


Hey that is what challenges are for :slight_smile:

Otherwise it is still a very cool pic. Have you considered that the gravitaional fields might be so strong that they actually bend the surface of the planet?? Right now it just has alot of stuff flying off of it.


Looks very abstract.
now lets see how you can handle that
good luck


I think strong and also magnet force of weapon.Not to bend a surface just shake it for destroying buildings …dont know maby i am not right.


I Like your final concept image!! The gas effect is a good idea i think! :thumbsup:
Want to see it in 3D… Update!!!:bounce:

I really really like your concept!!
Good luck!!:buttrock:
I have the same problem for the organic form… i can’t modelise character, it’s too hard for me.:banghead:

(i don’t know why i post a reply but it does not appear… bad link :surprised )


I not casually have added effect of gas in a stage - majority of stars consist of it .About except for gas there presents also the surface (it is not scientific fantasy in this case).Thank you SuperXCM kisses:)


Hey I like that! looking really cool there.


WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW! :applause:

This is my favourite now… such a great concept and sketch too. Never even thought about gravitational machines and things. Look forward to your progress! :slight_smile:

To me the space opera theme is about destruction that is silent. In space things could look incredible, with huge explosions if viewing from space, nothing can be heard. It would be very strange to see a planet getting ripped to shreds, but in silence. (i’m guessing thats how it would be anyway)


Nice concepts, keep on!!:thumbsup:


I’m very happy for your words…:love:I have already won… I am your fan forever…:bounce:
I live in Sorrento Coast Line you konw?
Little help:

Ciao piccola…I hope to feel to you soon :slight_smile:


Ciao …:smiley:
In your last wip I’love the colors…:thumbsup:


Awesome concept, i love it! :smiley:


Your final concept sketch is really cool, You have nice sketching and colouring skills.
Waiting for your next rocking update:thumbsup:


it looks pretty…the colors and everything…but i feel that the composition is missing something and i can’t tell what it is, just feels like its missing something


Very original concept and nice sketch with beautiful color …


Hmm, it’s interesting. I’ll have to see more to get a better feel for it. The bold colors are very enjoyable.


The idea is very original. I loved your last sketch, with the gravitational force acting.

I’ll keep myself updated. Cool work so far! :applause: