Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Guillaume Féraud


Guillaume Féraud has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: Soldier (also officer)

one of the frontline actors.


I hope u can read the descriptions on the pics…If u cant i’ll post the same pics with higher font size later.

Im proud to be registered for this challenge, and i’m especting all kind of constructive advices…

I apologize if my level in english is far to be perfect, but i’ll do my best to be understood.

Although i’m register as a 3D-challenger, I’m planning to create both sky (stars, nebulas, explosions…) and textured planet with 2D software. Am I allowed to do this?
Of course the rest of my scene will be modelled, and i’ll post later each modelled objects…

See u soon.



I thinks it’s better…

I forgot to say that the sky will represent a part of the aircraft frontline. The scene takes place during a total war age between Mightfull nations…


Nice concept. Can’t wait to see your first models. And as far as your 2d plans are concerned, I think it’s no problem with adding some elements in 2d. But be careful, the border line is not specified, just it must be noticeable that it is a 3d work:) good luck!


Thanks! I’ll be careful…


My main Armored vehicle is being modelled, and screenshots will be posted here in a couple of days…


First of all, the huge buiding (main shape):

Then the modelling begins, but my knowledge in architecture must be improved in order to find out much more details ideas…I keep seaching, but the main idea is here, as drawn in the concept sketch:


Here is my main armored vehicle called Pantmetz 51, its weight is 95 tons, max speed 105 miles per hour. On its rear side will be fixed 2 anti-aircraft guns.


Here’s a early stage model of one of the two anti-aircraft guns described above:

to be continued…


Pantmetz51 anti-aircraft tank tracks.


For this part of the tank modeling i used a couple of blueprints. Nevertheless, the main shape and most of the détails of this modeling are being created…


Here’s my main ship among the faster shuttles of the entire galaxy. It can ship in 25 armored vehicles and 500 soldiers a trip…


A top view. A pretty flat and fast ship.


Wings are being modelled of course…

I’m afraid I’ll be just in time to complete the entire scene modeling, and will can not add any texture and lighting to it. But i’m just here to learn so…


I’m planing to add a long sharp aileron below…


As u can notice above, i changed my mind and added a couple of Jets. Which matches better with the main shape i think than flat wings.:love:

See you very soon…


Here’s probably my favorite “challenge”. This oject of my scene is the opportunity to learn much more than the others in term of texturing…Yes!


The soldier’s helmet:


Soldier’s weapon as well whose bullets can sometimes pierce a small armored vehicle!


As u have noticed, here’s a spline network!