Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Giorgio G.


Giorgio G. has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: textures

some textures and updated model…


this is the concept sketch
the pic describes a terrestrial attack to another civilization lost in the space,
when all resources exhausted on earth the mankind leaved in search for other planets to colonize. And this planet seems to be the right place with the right atmosphere.The natives outnumbers the humans but humans are a bit more advanced in tech. In the sketch (above) there is the terrestrial mothership that is unloading the attack ships and part of the alien landscape with some buildings, I also plan to put alien ships fighting with terrestrial ones.
again, sorry for the low quality sketch :slight_smile:
while I like to work when everything is planned and sketched, when I’ve to create something of my design I start modeling with a no precise idea and I look at what borns…


started modeling some simple building for the alien city, trying to keep them simple because there will be a lot of these and also other bigger and more complex buildings…
what do you think of the design? any suggestion?


that alien building looks very very cool! I really like it. keep it up!


The building is very nice indeed.


I’m doing some bigger building and trying to differentiate them a bit keeping the same design


here are some towers that will be used in the city, I’ve included the first small house so you can see the scale of these.
C&C welcome!!


Wow, nice buildings, like the tall ones, something like from LOTR :thumbsup:


oh man that buildings are absolutely cool. Nice desing on all types


love the building design, very organic in their form just a thought the tendrals / pipework on some of them, is this something natural ie roots or vines feeding the building or gaining energy from somewher, maybe this could be a way of linking all of your city parts together each one connected to the next via this natural network… can’t wait to see the whole city.


I like how organic they look, like they were grown out of the planet and reformed to fit what purpose they need.


Matt: thanks! I intended the pipework like some energy distribution system, also the arcs on the top of the models are something like solar collectors/energy system…
at the bottom of each building there are small bevels, with those I was thinking to connect the entire city…but I think it is a huge amount of work that adds not so much to the pic…
I think I’ll go for lots of building amassed toghether! hoping that my pc doesnt blow up…
I’m preparing psychologically to a 1 month render time, :smiley: but by then the challenge will be already closed and I’ll be off! :banghead:
I have to find a solution! :hmm:

MrGlass: thanks, actually I figure those models builded by the natives in a very malleable metal that is mined in the planet, anyway I’ve not choosen yet, it depends on what textures I’ll put on them…and I have no idea…but since there will be lots of them I think I’ll use procedurals the most.


another variation for the small house.


wow!! Very cool design oblivionblack!!
It´s simple (few poligons) and very well done!!
You´re doing a lot of variations, great.
good luck for you man!! I´m watching :thumbsup:


Nice design there. Keep it up! What are your thoughts on coloring them? They seem rather organic (actually I imagine them with a color scheme similar to your avatar’s!!):slight_smile:


thanks for the comments!! :bounce:
terraarc: I dont have a clear idea about that…probably I will use some “neutral” color scheme and add some other color with lights.


still adding variation to the buildings,
I think now it’s enough… at least for the small houses. Maybe I’ll so some other bigger building.


started compositing the city and doing some texturing tests.
C&C welcome!!


Wow, I really like your city approach. It is very different and alien in concept and is very original.

I look forward to your progress!


It looks really dense and full of life :thumbsup:

One suggestion is to diferentiate each building’s color to give more depth and variation to the whole city. Also I think you should add some more building types.

Keep up the good work!