Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


Here you can see some ‘splitted’ Photoshop work.

The background (with the render used on it), and the body overpaint (with the renders to be invisible).
The ‘body overpaint’ shows that I’ve posted quite much on the render!


Render Vs. (almost) Final. Here you can clearly see that the mood really comes out of the posting, and not out of the render itself… (in this case…)

By the way people who’re interested in it; I created the glowing lights in the following way:

  1. Drawing little dots on the places where light is emitted through the windows etc (in a new layer, btw)
  2. Brighten it up
  3. Duplicate it and put a Gaussian Blur over it
  4. Duplicate that layer a few times, and merge them together, to get a ‘brighter’ look
  5. Duplicate thát layer ones, and put a Gaussian Blur over it (with a big radius), and set this layer to ‘overlay’ >> this results in brighter lighted areas in the image itselves.

The result of the lights looks quite nice, isn’t it?!


As you can read; this is álmost final… Just a few little tweaks to do (really little tweaks… :slight_smile: )

Please tell me if you like it so far, and if you have some ‘simple’ adjustments, I could do very fast… :slight_smile:


As you can see; the FINAL! I made it this time - even without stress today - ! :slight_smile:

Some close-up shots are on the way…!


As you can see; closeup 1 of the final.


And another closeup…


And the last closeup on the final…!

This is a nice time to place some ‘special thanks’ here :slight_smile: :

My family (father, mother, Stijn, Leontien, Anne)

All my friends of school :slight_smile: ; especially: Ernst-Jan, Kim, Liesbeth, Krijn (aka krvabo), Joey, Roy, Shakila, Jelmer, Erwin, Patrice :slight_smile:

Friends of outside school; Bas, Jordi, Erwin, Michel

Gijs (aka Kinetix), Hans Lips

People who replied here in my tread or / and who where interested in this project. To mention special: Virtuoso :slight_smile:

The mods and ads who organized such cool challenge. Also the sponsors for giving such cool prizes.

So, allot thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

Please keep repliing to tell me what you think of it…! I’d really appriciate that…
I think I’ll go on with the other composition-concept in the WIP section… Maybe we’ll meet there again.

See you later,
Gijs Leijdekkers


Hey, well done on completing your image. It looks awsome, you must be pleased with the final results. Good luck!



@ Essencedesign :: Thanks for ‘putting me under pressure’ :slight_smile: , but it was not very nessesary because I had at that moment almost finished it :wink:

@ M477 :: Thanks for liking it! :slight_smile: In fact I ám fairly pleasured with the final… at least now I can show people what I’m able to make, with just óne image :wink: :slight_smile: Also I’m going to make a print of it (at ‘postersize’), to put on my very own chamber (= workroom :wink: )

I’ll be posting some highres wallpapers soon… just for the interested people. :slight_smile:

I stil would like to have some more comments / crits… :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to everyone who replies,


You really pulled out quite a nice entey Gijs…You are a young man and I can tell you have a great future in this…I know you wanted to finish,and that is important.only 139 people did out of some 1400 or so.It’s important in the industry and a major criteria…

It turned out quite nice,i do like it.great effort on your part.You did quite a bit in the end here to get it this way.Good job.A very nice idea to begin with…And a very nice whimsical feel and mood to finish…:arteest:

We will meet again.PM me when you show more work,I will come to support you.You have a great attitude and potential is high with you,work hard and well as I know you will.But always continue to have fun,I know you will…:cool:

Until we meet again.Keep that beautiful border great for us…All the best to you…:beer: :arteest:


Pretty fantastic imagination, The whole sries of pics are great I’ll bet the choice for your final image was a tuff one.

Good Luck


@ Virtuoso :: Incredibly much thanks for (again) such a kind reply! You know; you give me allot strength to work on with all my projects! You make me sure it was worth the stress! :slight_smile:
And ofcourse we’ll meet again…! I’m looking forward to ‘our’ next challenge :twisted: :bounce:

@ A3DLover :: Thanks for the nice comment! And… that 3 last shots are ‘just’ close-ups; not finals (the final is called ‘final’ as reply subject :slight_smile: ). For if you had it wrong :wink:

Some file specs and so are on the run…! :slight_smile:

Please keep replying…! Now ‘this’ is finally finished I’d like to hear more about if you like it or not… :slight_smile:

Great & Everybody: VOTE! (not just on me :wink: ; also to other greatest entries!),


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