Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


@ Virtuoso :: Thank you (again :)) for your reply! Of course I’ll pick out the one I’m most motivated about, but indeed ‘your’ opinions are a must… :slight_smile: And also ofcourse I’ll have a nice ride on that border :wink: (last time I sometimes just take a ride for an houre to just ‘make ideas’ for some projects and so on; works really good & peaceful). Of course also good luck at your GSO-project!

@ KennyM :: Nice to see somebody from around here, in my thread! :slight_smile: Yóu can know how inspirating the Efteling is! Tnx for your comment; I’ll think of it when deciding!

@ kaajey :: Tnx for the interest!

@ Liveman :: I like that you are really ‘thinking with me’! (as I said before) I walked to the very same ‘problems’/choises… If I’d choose the ‘Troy 3000’ concept to work out, I’ll have to make allot choises indeed… And ofcourse tnx for you reply!

@ Overcontrast :: Your reply really motivates me! Thank you, and allot good luck btw, with your GSO! Looks very promising!

@ masterchi :: Tnx for your comment!

As I said before, ‘vote’ is open now! :slight_smile: Because I want to have picked the concept for the final, next week (end (> frayday) of next week :wink: ), I’d like if you people would reply with just which concept you like the best…

Very much tnx again for the replies and upcoming ones :wink: ,



I hate to reply three time after each other, because I don’t like to be looking thát unpatienced, but if I don’t reply now, I’ll never pick a concept…:shrug:

To make you more enthousiast about some concept, I post some ideas under here, that I wrote down about the different concepts:


  • hair of the girl is made of sun-panels! (could be looking veeery nice! :slight_smile: )
  • motor for powering the whole stuff in the belly
  • about 300-metres high :wink:
  • much detail & little lights
  • woman > veeeery clean and working on electricity etc
  • man > more like an orc (made of scrap of the battlefield?!), working on steam & oil & hydrolic
  • mood like in the ‘Hostile Takeover’-piece of art…? > very bright and glowy… Or like in my concept image?


  • really nice and big airships (formed like ships; think of that ones in Treasure Planet :slight_smile: )
  • many lights (makes the scene looking more detailed)
  • very ‘soft’ look wished
  • a sort of ‘ski-lift’ between the planets; for transportation of some stuff…
  • displacement for craters on it, etc
  • lowpoly in Max; detailing in ZBrush 2
  • lots of green stuff (forrests :wink: ); have to have a soft look >> play with translucency :slight_smile:

T R O Y 3 0 0 0

  • clean look or made of scrap of the battlefield?
  • POV from top, of from along the legs of the horse (while soldiers are coming out?!)
  • lighting >> light or dark?


I really, really hope you’ll reply about which I’ll choose…! Really allot tnx in advance! I’m waiting for your opinion!

Greetz & tnx,



Owkeeey, still no reply… Time is getting short now (I have holiday now, so I have to be able to start at this moment :eek: :slight_smile: )… buuut… I still haven’t picked one!

Could you people pleeeeeease post which one you like the best…? (of that 3) I really no-one replies, I think I’ll pick the ‘Moving Enemies’-one…

Thanks in advance,


  • Tic Tac Tic Tac -

The clock keeps going… and I still have to start! :eek: I really incredibly much hate myself to háve to reply 4 times after each other… but if really nobody can response… :frowning:

The one who just can say which one he/she would recommend best to make as final, wil be my hero for at least a week! :shrug: :bounce:

Just PLEASE reply to tell me if the Moving Enemies would be the best choise, than I can finally get to begin… :shrug: :slight_smile:

Tnx állot in advance,



Hi Gijs…Ok a little input for you my friend from just North of the border…:wink:

Planets melting together has a nice ring to it…But so does moving enemies…I think with the time left you should go for moving enemies…:arteest:

…It sounds quite wild…I think you have your work cut out for you,but I think you can get whatyou want done with extra strong efforts…I’ll be here watching you and suporting you when I can…Now go for it hard,non-stop,and have fun…And dont forget…Even if time becomes an issue just continue your plans in the WIP section,whats important is that you grow and get ideas/concepts finished…I would have been by earlier,but was out of town for a few days…But I’ll be watching your next moves…so get to it strong…Until then,take care,work hard,have fun…:arteest: :beer:


Íncredibly much thanks for your comment, Virtuoso! :slight_smile: You made me sure to pick the best one, and also gave me allot power! :slight_smile: From now on I’ll try to work on it as hard as possible; in every case there’s no lack of motivation :wink:

Friends… I’m COMING! :slight_smile: :bounce:


I finally picked one concept, and it is the ‘Moving Enemies’-one. I started by searching allot refs for what kind of people the ‘big cities’ should look like. I finally choosed that ‘Liesbeth Staats’ (a Dutch media-woman who is journalist for the ‘kids-news on TV’) would be good for it… Also I’ve choosen yet that the fighting (loosing) man will be Orlando Bloom :slight_smile: .

On this pic I’ve marked some stuff… If you can read, you’ll maybe understand… :wink: Be sure the final model will not look like this, but that it will be looking like its made from metal!

Tnx for watching, and if you have time; add a comment! :wink:


Ok get her rolling gijs…You know I’ll be watching…Should be an interesting process…:arteest:

I want to also wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR …All the best to you…:beer: :beer:


I now made also a ‘sketch’ for the man. As you’ll see it has the face of ‘Orlando Bloom’; I do totally have no knowlegde of ‘male rides’ ( :wink: ), but I know my sister likes him… So, in the same way I choose a nice woman, I’ve choosen to also use this ‘nice’ man. :slight_smile:

It will be a more ‘rough’ looking ‘city’. All in the city is about fighting… In the city of the woman there are nice houses, and theres a nice mood; in the city of the man will just be a will to fight! Just like the Orcs in ‘the Lord of the Rings’. My mission about thís city is to make it look like one of the elephants in LotR 3, but than ‘human’. :wink:

Some ideas I had: instead of like the clean woman (just steel plates etc), this must look quit dirty. Allot rust and smoke everywhere. Instead of being powered with elektricity (the woman >> elektricity made with the suncell on her head), this city will be powered by steam! Allot mechanical and steamy stuff must be in it! Maybe (I’m not yet convinced to use that idea) it will be powered by wood that comes of the forrest on his very head (looks like his hair >> in fact it is a forrest). More ideas will be reveled in the upcoming time :wink:

Tnx for watching my thread, and please reply :slight_smile: ,



My last 2D work before going 3D! (I hope so :wink: ) As you can see its the same girl as in the last image with the girl, but here from the side. Tnx to some ‘telly-capper’ (some guy who loved to capture frames out of televisionprograms :wink: ) to have a great image of ‘Liesbeth’ from the side. It’ll help me allot to model her after the images :slight_smile:

Something I forgot to mention before, is that the girls body comes from the xmas present from (thank you so much guys! :slight_smile: ); only the head is of Liesbeth.

I’ll go 3D now! :slight_smile: Please put some comments or critique here & tnx for watching,



@ Virtuoso : tnx for the interrest in my project! :slight_smile: You really push and drive me to work on this! :slight_smile: And… happy newyear too ofcourse! :slight_smile:

To yóu watching my thread ríght now; please press the ‘reply’ button :rolleyes: :bounce:


I’m back! I’ve worked quit very hard on the GSO-contest the last 4 days…! I’ve júst finished modelling a sort of ‘3D blueprint’, to built all houses (of the city :slight_smile: ) and mechanical stuff on. I want to try to stick fairly close to this model.

In this image you can see the ‘making of’ the head of it. Done in 3Ds Max (with blueprint references; posted before) to get the figure, later ‘tweaked’ in ZBrush(2). Only the last step of the ones showed at the image, is out of ZBrush. In 3Ds Max I began with a box, turned it to an editable poly, and kept modeling.


Just like the last one, but now this shows modelling the body of the ‘3D-blueprint-model’.


Screenshot made while tweaking the fusion between the body and head. You can see the ‘blueprints’ at the back.


In this image I just show the body of. :slight_smile:

From now on it will be big fun, because now I can start with the veeery detailed stuff! :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward myself to begin it! My head bangs open of ideas, so it will be just great to make! :slight_smile:

Please keep checking and repliing my thread, for sure now the ‘real’ part is about to begin!

Thanks for your reply, and happy newyear (bit late… :wink: ),



Nice to see you started Gijs…i’ll look to see the next steps you come up with…It’s about time you got some modeling going.:wip: …You look to have a clear plan…and the best part of this all is the passion i see you have with your work and up-coming plans…This alone will push you forward more than anything else in the long run…I’ll be looking as I promised…Now get it going strong…:arteest:


Hey Gijs happy new year! :beer:

Sorry i haven’t been here lately what with Christmas and all (new year resolution for self, make an effort). It looks like you’re firing on all engines with your GSO right now, so not too much to say other than I’m looking forward to seeing the details and will be back to see how you are getting on for sure! I think you are moving in the right direction so… keep going!

:bounce: :bounce:


i think that the legs are too short


@ Virtuoso :: As always you make me (even :wink: ) more motivated! :slight_smile: I’m being working very hard on it right now…!

@ M477 :: Tnx for putting me under pressure. :wink: I’m being working veeeery hard on the details, so we’ll see :slight_smile:

@ Darkone2652 :: Hmm, the legs to short… I exactly modelled them after the blueprintrefs, so maybe the girl from just has short legs…?! :wink: If there are more people who think the same, I can change it unless :slight_smile:

For such a uge project (for me it ís uge :wink: ), I have to plan all things carefully, and its hard to get to the real stuff because all is so big, and detailed… Now I’ve made some ‘levels’ on the model (began with the torso), and tried to model some houses of some poly-boxes… But there are 2 problems:

  1. It costs quite some time to get a house modelled out…
  2. The style doesn’t look thát good; I want not to put a meshsmooth over the houses, so I’ve got some meshes with hard edges… Doesn’t look very nice… :shrug:

Now I’ve been thinking how to solve the problem, and I was thinking of:

  1. Using displacement maps; making a plane in Max, putting a displacement modifier on it, and draw a disp-map in PS… Then I’d get the houses fast and nice modelled
  2. Making a ‘houses-toolkit’; making some stairs, bases of the houses, windows, doors and so on. Then I’d get some of those elements together to make about 25 different houses, and just cloning them on the torso / breast of ‘Liesbeth’… :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of picking the last option… But please let me know what would be the best… (especially if your expirienced with modelling houses / arcitectural stuff) :bounce:

Updates soon!,



So heres the ‘soon update’… :wink: The problem at this moment, is that I’m totally nót satisfied with the results of today modelling… The modelling just doesn’t look good, and I don’t have much architectural inspiration…

Maybe somebody can tell me what would be the best way to continue… Making a disp-map (as mentioned before) or modelling in another way…

Thanks for your time, and especially if your experienced with architectural / detailed stuff; REPLY! :wink:

Greeetz, Gijs