Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


I like the others more than this one… in the fact that this one does not look as epic as your other concepts


cool concepts! looks different then others~ i like it~


I think this last concept has the most “Potential” gijs…You can expand the idea even more.I will await for your next one,don’t take too long,you have to pick soon you know…:wink: …I think you have to decide for yourself,what your “Gut” feeling is and just go for it…Let it flow naturally…I’ll wait to see more,hope you get more free time…And watch that beautiful border…:wink: :arteest:


Hi there! nice concepts here. But I agree with Virtuoso that the last one is the best one. It has great colours and best idea(in my opinion of course:) )
good luck and keep workin’


nice concepts, but why san francisco?! The terrorist should attack Washington D.C. instead. The West Coast people of the U.S. are not the type the terrorists want to attack. Peace and good luck



All your concepts are very nice, but i like the 1st one the most…
“I’ll be back” =P. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Start Men Start:bounce:


Time for reaction from my side:

@ VRHead :: Tnx for saying you ‘don’t like’ this last one…; it will help me to choose one! Also I feel honored to my concepts be called ‘epic’; unknown I just ‘try to make’ that sort of look in this contest; I’m pushed to it by myself

@ young_927 :: Tnx for saying they look bit different from other competitors-ideas! As said before; I don’t know allot about Star Wars etc, so I háve to use my own style :wink:

@ Virtuoso :: Weird, but cool that you liked that 4th sketch :slight_smile: In fact after ‘brainstorming’ about my concept (on my bicycle; when I drive to and from school through that ‘wonderfull’ border-landscape), I was thinking more about concept 1 and 2. But I’ll think of your ‘vote’ (unless I’ve to post at least one cool concept still :wink: ). Tnx for your reaction in every case :slight_smile:

@ Arturro :: Same for you as for Virtuoso; I think it’s ‘weird but cool’ you like it :slight_smile: I’ll take your vote with me when I decide!

@ HieSpike :: Very first; tnx for that reaction. And, in fact I typed that story in about 5 minutes; without thinking of which city before. Because it gets a sort of ‘cliché’ to drop a bomb on the east of the USA, this time I tried to think of a ‘western’ city. And because one of the only things I reminded myself of the geology-classes was that San Fransisco was there, I choosed that one… :eek: Even better; in fact I think I’d like the whole USA! I’ll plan some month-long-journey to it, and will defenitely visite San Fransisco I hope now its clear for you it’s not because I dislike the city or so

@ Elfo :: I’m glad you like my concepts! After thinking/brainstorming about that first the last 2 days, I think I can make an awesome pic of that (I thinked of how to ‘build’ up the character, and how to depict the scale etc etc). Tnx for your comment in every case, and ‘CU later’ :slight_smile:

@ :: Yeah, its allright. I just want first to have a really awesome concept (better 2 pages about the concept like here, than 2 posts, like in my MF :wink: ). Almost nothing is more annoiing than having to work with a bad concept the upcoming 2 months of spare time

I’ll try to post my last (I hope) concept really soon…! At this moment I’m some thinking of how to depict that last one the best…

Tnx for all interest and please keep posting,

Greetz, Gijs


Ok Gijs…I’ll be on the look out for that next concept…While you are on the lookout of that border eh?:wink: :cool: …Go with what you feel is right,others opinions are important of course,but in the end go with what pulls “YOU” the most…Now have a nice ride on that border,and get that concept in…I’ll be looking for you…:arteest: :beer:


I have fond memories of the efteling:)
I like the concepts, the castle one is my favorite, it has something serene, peaceful about it.

the fighting cities idea is quite good too, nice symbolic touch, it might raise a few eyebrows …but then again if it’s not explicitly refering to any place, it’s a general truth;)


Lots of interesting ideas here

Lets see what you will choose.
All the best to you

See this one>


Hi Gijs…Ok you can come back now…the border is safe…I hope you can get back to creating,and get some of your plans up here…I’ll be looking for you,all the best to you…:arteest: :beer:


Tnx for your ‘waiting-for-last-concept’-people replies! :wink: I’ve been modelling the scene of that last concept some time ago; I’ll ‘post’ it to place it here soon!

I’m still buzzy with the challange; It’s just that I don’t post all stuff :wink: (like thinking of some details etc, while riding my bike in this ‘beautiful-border-environment’ :wink: ).

Greeeetz & Last concept will be here soon,



And here’s finally the last concept! :slight_smile: The idea of a ‘Troy 3000’-project, do I have for a really really long time ('bout 1 year!), but I never got to do something at it… Now I think it would be nice fitting in the GSO-theme!

It’s around 2988; You can see a city; Troy is it called. The horse is - just like in the legend - a fake-horse, and it’s not meant to be a gift! When the moon is rised, the up-to-4000 people will come out of the horse, and get the city in their hands! In fact, just like the original legend, but now in the future! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to make some choises, if I would pick this one for my final concept. For example I’ll have to choose whether it’s day or night, and whether the horse is made from scrap of the battlefield (would be cool; for example the head made of a broken plane :stuck_out_tongue: ), or whether it is ‘really nice made & nailed’…

I made it within 3Ds Max 5.0 (& scanline) and Photoshop 7.0 . Next concept is the 05b >>> made from a different angle…

Greetz, Gijs


Just like the last post (concept 05a), but now from a different angle.

Something I forgot to tell in that last post, was the the city will be veeeery detailed and uge! There will be some ‘air-ballons’ in the air, and there will be little lights everywhere. Also there are watching crowds of curious people to the horse, when it’s ‘pulled’ inside, by some robot-‘trolls’ (like off LotR 3 :slight_smile: ).

You’re right I will cost me lots of time, but I have x-mas holiday soon (3 weeks to go; first I’ve got exams next week :frowning: ) so I’ll be able to do it then! :slight_smile:

Greetz, and from now you can post which one you like the best; I won’t submit more concepts anymore :wink: (time for the real work!).

Greetz and tnx for repliing about the best concept :wink: ,



I like the concept, allthough I have no idea of what would be the best way to represent it, will it be, like, a scene with men getting out of the horse and attacking the fort, or the moment of delivery of the horse, with maybe a slight hont of what’s about to happen next? Anyway, i like how it looks. Good work!


hey nice going buddy… seems like history is gonna repeat again… nice ideas u got… keep it up, ur doing it! :thumbsup:


Hi dutchman!

Nice concepts!! good luck


Hi dutchman!

Nice concepts!! good luck


Tnx for that replies, friends! :slight_smile: I’ll ‘reply personal’ soon to all ‘repliers’. :slight_smile:

Thats a point that also ‘bothers’ me a bit; I will have to make allot of important choises about that things, indeed, if I’d choose to work that further… An extra think I’d have to choise, is whether its in the morning (very early with a low sun; a bit ‘foggy’ atmosphere :slight_smile: ), or in the evening (with allot lights everywhere to show the ‘level of detail’; would also be interesting, wouldnt it?!)
Tnx for reminding me, in every case! :slight_smile:

From now ‘the voting is open’! Please reply to tell me which of these concepts you’d like the best (nr 1 — 5), and maybe, if you have some time, some ‘motivation’ for this choise…! Thx for your time! :slight_smile:

Greeetz, Gijs

[I’m damn buzzzy with my study at this moment, so I won’t have time in the following 2 weeks to work on it… but at least I could think about some detailed stuff :slight_smile: ]