Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gijs Leijdekkers


Gijs Leijdekkers has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Close-up 3

And the last closeup on the final…!

This is a nice time to place some ‘special thanks’ here :slight_smile: :

My family (father, mother, Stijn, Leontien, Anne)

All my friends of school :slight_smile: ; especially: Ernst-Jan, Kim, Liesbeth, Krijn (krvabo), Joey, Roy, Shakila, Jelmer, Patrice :slight_smile:

Friends of outside school; Bas, Jordi, Erwin, Michel

People who replied here in my tread or / and who where interested in this project. To mention special: Virtuoso :slight_smile:

The mods and ads who organized such cool challenge. Also the sponsors for giving such cool prizes.

So, allot thanks to you all! :slight_smile:

Please keep repliing to tell me what you think of it…! I’d really appriciate that…
I think I’ll go on with the other composition-concept in the WIP section… Maybe we’ll meet there again.

See you later,
Gijs Leijdekkers


Nog meer Nederlanders.

Good luck


Hi everyone!

First I want to say I’m really exited about the theme of this new challenge, and I’m really motivied to make a great entry! :slight_smile: At last contest (Machineflesh, first one over here I entered), it was a bit sad that I passed the deadline some, so I couldn’t entry my final… Now I’ve trained all summerholiday long on deadlines (with the Speedmodelling sessions :slight_smile: ), so this time I’ll get it! :slight_smile: I also have improved my style (I think) and my render qualities…

So heres my first conceptsketch (I’ll try to make as many different as possible, to be sure I’ll work out the best concept). A short discription:

You can see two gigantic people fighting each other. The one you can see the ‘face’ of, is a woman (you can not very good see it here, but it is :wink: ), and that one ‘fighted’ away, is a man. They’ll be looking like about 400 metres tall! They’ll also be very detailed, with allot ‘houselikey’ things on it, where all ‘small’ robots or people (I have to choose which :wink: ) live. You also can see allot people/robots falling off that man-‘structure’. In fact these ‘gigantic structures’ are really great cities (like inspirated by ‘Minas Tirith’ :slight_smile: ), with a lot of detail, as I said before.

The overall atmospere is not really what I want to have in my maybe-final, but it’s just to show you what I mean.

The concept is made with 3Ds Max 5.0 (some simple blocks etc; it’s not a Biped or something anyway!), and also rendered in Max’ Scanline renderer (with some skylights). It’s posted in Photoshop 7.0

More concepts very soon; I love making them!

Hope you’ll like this one at least,



I love making concepts too! :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing more!! Good luck dude :buttrock:


Hey Dutchman, nice to see anouther threedy here.

Sounds like a interesting idea - I’m not fimiliar with Minas Tirith.
Good luck.



ik ben net nieuw en heet 3D-Dutchman hoop niet dat je het erg vind :S.
maar wel lol dat hier zo veel nederlanders zijn.

i wish you the best of luck your idea’s look great


Hello people,

I’ve been to my favourite themepark the Efteling yesterday (not my first time; in fact I’ve a seasonpass :slight_smile: ) and I got inspirated by ‘het Diorama’ and ‘Droomvlucht’ for this challenge (Dutch people will know what I talk about). I got the idea to build as other concept, a few planets that look ‘fairytale’-like, and that are ‘melting’ together (because ‘we have to make a pic that depicts in important moment from history of the civilication’, or something :wink: ). So I tried to sketch some out in Max and Photoshop. It’s not yet really the mood I want in my (maybe) final, but it’s to show what I mean. At this moment you just see a sort of ‘emperors castle’ on top of the centerplanet, but it will be detailed along all the planets (little houses and castles etc etc). I want to give the final a really soft ‘Brazil-rendered-like’ look, and that will be possible because I háve Brazil R/S right here :wink:

I hope you like it a bit, and post you comment if you have! At least two more other concepts soon! -Gijs


This is looking really promising!! Something a bit different…

I really like the shapes and the softness of the rendering on that second concept… it’ll be interesting to see where you go next…


hee Dutchman

sry ik hoop niet je het me kwalijk neemt alleen ik heb me vandaag pas aangemeld en had niet door dat je al dutchman hete :S (heb trouwens ook niet op gezocht sry)

but… i like your ideas about dreamworld (efteling style)

i wish you good luck in the contest

Frits (3D-Dutchman)


This is my third concept ‘sketch’. I got the inspiration from a Dutch poem I red at a very uge tree in a Dutch ( :slight_smile: ) city (Bergen op Zoom). The poem was like: ‘Ow you dear tree. It must be hard for you to hold up the whole world…’. Thats (2 years ago) when I was thinking of that concept to make it 3D… Now, at this challenge I want to use it maybe. So in my pic you see a tree on the world, on witch some ‘cables of stars’ are made. So it looks like that one tiny tree holds op the whole world!

For the world I started with the sample scene that was in the help files of Max 5 (for a concept it’s allowed, eh!? :slight_smile: ). Problem was that all was modelled quite big, so it was hard to model all. I’ve made the tree by allot ‘extrude along spline’ (as at my other last concept). The stars and leaves are added in PS7 with a custom brush :slight_smile: .

I hope you like it! please post your Comment & Critique!!! I’m going on with ‘concept sketching’ of my next concept (I’ll make at least 5 different, so that I’m sure I’ll choose the best :slight_smile: ).

Greetz, Gijs


@ M477 :: So I also like to make concepts :wink: All has not to be perfect :slight_smile: Tnx for that ‘looking’ forward; something like that pushes me to think faster :wink:

@ Sonic-X :: Nice that you know me from Threedy (you also do allot speedmodelling, isn’t it?). Minas Tirith is a very detailed city that is one of allot cool things in Lord of the Rings (3). Such ‘things’ with allot detail can inspirate me :slight_smile: Tnx for the ‘good luck’!

@ 3D-DuTchman :: First; quite weird that you can post between two earlier posts; first there was no post of you between Sonic-X and me, and after last night it is :eek: (after this night I got emailnotification for it). Second; its not your fault that you’ve choosen that name… Only one thing; if you register anywhere else on a 3D community, please don’t do it as just ‘Dutchman’, because then it will get very complicated for some other 3D’ers :wink: (btw; you posted twice almost the same :smiley: )

@ Duddlebug :: I feel REALLY glad to get a few seconds of your life to post here :wink: I dont know if I posted before, but your Machineflesh entry was AMAZING! That style is just SO COOL! I’ve saved that image in my ‘Outstanding CG’-folder :slight_smile: About the words in your reply; I’m really really glad you like it! I’ll try to get something ‘different’ for all entries :slight_smile:

Everybody; tnx for the comments, and please keep posting! I want to know what you think of my sketches!

Greetz, Gijs


Your first idea totally rocks. Reminds me of a wonderful short story by Clive Barker, “In the hills, the cities”, have you read it?

I’m hoping you’ll stick with your first concept. Just to see how it will come out. :slight_smile:



Some nice concepts gijs…Out there,but thats what make them nice.I picture people falling off would be something like in the LOTR series,where you see beings falling off creatures etc,etc…It’s an interesting take.I’ll look for more from you.Take care over there on that border.:wink: :arteest:


concept 1 spreekt me zeer aan :slight_smile:


@ Doublecrash :: Nice that you like that first idea of me :slight_smile: That ‘In the Hills, The Cities’ have I not red (yet). I’m gonna check out if it’s in a library here, maybe I get some inspiration of it :slight_smile: BTW: your concept is also interesting!

@ Virtuoso :: Really cool that you like my idea! I’m also following your work really close, and reaaally like it! It’s an inspiration for me :slight_smile:

@ Voutlooz :: Nice that you also like that first concept. Your work also rocks, dude!

I’m being developing some other concepts also, so I’m sure all my inspiration will be used :wink: . At Machineflesh I choosed my concept too early; now looking at that I know some very much better concepts than the one I used… So I’ll not get troubles with that again :slight_smile:

In fact I only remind the ‘good’ concepts I thinked of, others do I just drop out of my mind… :wink: When I’m working at a concept I just put all my inspiration in it, and I just want to ‘feel’ it’ll be my final concept… Thats why I have not really yet choosen a concept…

I’ve been to library last week to search some references/inspirations and I checked out some Star Wars books (normally I don’t like Star Wars, but now I’ll need the reference :wink: ). I’ll check if I can use some of the books in my entry :wink:

I hope to be able to post next concepts later this day!

Greetz, Gijs

[Pleaase keep repliing , even if its only to tell witch concept you like best at this moment :slight_smile: ]


The second one looks like it can be interesting.

The speed challenges are taking a bit of a backseat to this comp.


These are some really ‘different’ ideas. It’s good to see someone moving away from the whole star wars theme (unlike myself… doh!). I’ll check back to help you decide on which concept you choose! Looking forward to this one :bounce:


I also think the second sketch is the best of the three! be careful to not go out of theme though! :thumbsup:


I’m more buzzzy now because school has began again (till yesterday I had 1-week-holiday :slight_smile: ), so I’ll post less often, but in weekends I’ll work on it mostly. I’ve got at least 2 more (awesome :wink: ) concepts in mind that I’m gonna ‘concept-sketch’-out this weekend, so that I’ll be able to pick my final concept soon.

@ SONIC-X :: Tnx for liking that second one :wink: And also for me the speedchallenges take some kind a ‘second-place’ for me at this moment (in fact I don’t think to participate one soon, because of the ‘pressure’ of this :slight_smile: ).

@ M477 :: Good to hear you like I’m going ‘off-starwars-line’. In fact indeed I want to make something different… And thats not really hard because I’ve never seen a complete Star Wars movie (shame? :shrug: ) so I’m not gonna have allot ideas by that. Also your entry is getting shape! I’m gonna follow your tread really close also.

@ oblivionblack :: Tnx for also liking that 2nd one! Of this 3 sketches I’ve got more or less the feeling also that that one would be the best, but I’m not sure to choose that one, because I’ve got some other concepts also in my mind, eh :slight_smile: . And about that ‘not gonna out of theme’ >> while ‘developing’ that second concept I kept in mind that it had to be ‘marking point’ of the civilication, so I let melt some planets together for some ‘action’. I want maybe to ‘depict a mood in balans’ >> really ‘relaxt atmosphere’…

For now; tnx for all replies and please keep repliing which one yóu like the best. Tnx in advance :wink:

Greetz, Gijs


And heres my 4th concept! The Globe…! First I’ll give you the story about it…:

About 2010 there was allot terrorism… At some point, 2052 a very uge terrorism organisation, got incredibly angry at the United States govenment… They threw a Atombomb right on San Fransisco… Almost the whole VS was swashed away… The impact of the bomb was not meant in thís way, by the terrorists… But the ‘undo’-key couldn’t be found, so they had to live with it… But; that was impossible! The whole world was chemecaly reacting; all CO2 changed because of the atonomic impact, to H20, water! The whole world (where ever had been ‘C02’ >> so in the whole atmospere’) was flooded! Because this reaction took about one month, some people in the Netherlands made a secret plan, to rebuild a sort of Arc of Noach. There was build a uge globe of glass in which 1000 people and 450 animals could live… At some moment, when almost all the world was that wet that I wasn’t possible to live there, the choosen people got into the ‘Globe of Survivers’. All went okay… The lived in the Globe for 74 years! But at some point… they saw a comet with a ‘wet creature’ on it… It was really uge and looked nasty… And; it was gonna bomb there Globe of Glass with rocks! After the first crack in the glass they new it; they where just minutes away from a new age; an age without humanity anywhere… Another rock hit them, and it was to late… SPLATSCH! Goodbye humanity…

So thats the story behind it… In my opinion this conceptsketch is the most stupid of those I posted till now, but I my final could be lot’s better! For example that creaturedesign could be different (better :slight_smile: ), and the atmosphere should look more like water… I could also choose to leave the ‘waterthing’ out of it, and let it happend all in the vacuum space… Who knows…

At least one concept (a really nice, I think :wink: ) is still in my brain, so that will be added also soon…

I hope you unless like it a bit, and pleaaase post what you think of this / other concepts…

Wish you a good day, Gijs