Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Dutchman,Squibbit,nicky,Cre8,shotta,||) |V| |^|: thanks for the support, and happy holidays for all!!


texturing the city, in this image the texture of the city is not very visible,I am going to add a more big render in this days, i still working in the texture of the top building, and i have to update the right mountain,i hope to begin modeling the ships tomorrow, i plan to put the ships leaving the city and going to the enemy ship. still much work !!


Wow, I simply love your work here!
You’ve done a great job modelling and texturing those buildings, and the athmosphere is really moody =)

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


very nice man I love your works it’s excellent I wish you Luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Really good scene.

Do you plan to add something more to present “pivotal point in galactic civilisation”?

But it is already in a condition to get “published” in a magazine like “expose” or else.


Hellsp4wn,Divaise: thanks for its words!!:bounce:

kuzgunoglu: thanks, for now i plan to add many ships leaving the city, to add more drama to the scene, tonight i start to modeling this.
have a happy new year!! :thumbsup:


ship modeling and texturing, now i am going to put this ship in the composition and to see that it happens more views soon.


more views.


I can’t agree more with Kragh here, you really are going to win something! I’ll make sure of that! (With my vote of course!) Have a Happy New Year!:buttrock:


2 views of the modeling, i am working in the texture of the character, still need some modifications in the head, i put the composition more late to see all the elements together.


keetmun: thanks men, i really apreciate your comments!!:thumbsup:


Great progress! You did a nice job when I was apsent. I only don’t like his boots. They seem too flat and too wide.


Nice rendering test… did you thought about to putting something on the top of his helmet?

A decorative thing will be great… now the top looks a little empty :curious:

Keep up the grand art :thumbsup:


arturro: I am going to modify them, thanks for the crit!!:thumbsup:

Nomad: yes, i am working on this!! thanks:)


jes, do something with the boots…


another ship, now i am going to put all together.


hi there, I would try to make it longer. now it looks too much like a helmet from the side. But the design is great, and what is importand, it’s similar to the rest. great job!


arturro: i am going to try this, and see, thanks men!!:thumbsup:


Hmm…arturro has a bit of a point, looks a bit like a helmet. But since you’re already in the texturing phase, you might get away with just scaling it a bit. Somewhat unprofessional yes, but it might work. Really depends on where the ship will be seen, ya?

Cheers mate


Nice head armor, it look kind of fallout style, i like it much, those elipse shape eyes