Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Nomad: thanks men, I am going it to consider, but I do not want to overload the top of the image to much, i am going to add some ships in this part!!:thumbsup:


only and idea, adding a flying spheres for now!! ( perhaps they are going to be missiles)i need to add ships that they go towards the big ship. i updated the mountains and i hope tonight to put a little change in the left part of the city. crit are welcome


wow, that’s looking really cool.


Just excellent! Your city is incredible. It looks futurist but not too much industrial. It rocks!!:buttrock: I wait to see how the new projectile will end up. I’m not quite sure about there display for the moment, but it’s just a test for the moment, so.

Great work so far!


The entire scene is composed well. I get a feeling like that Independence Day movie about the large ship. A mountain sized vessel of impending doom. Great work.


nice concept. i also like the modelling.( i understand this is just a render without textures. probably just a skylight.)

cool keep up the good work


Kraull,Stormlord,kotsos: thanks for the comments, I am going to continue experimenting!:arteest:


Nice independence day feel. Just a feeling but the background has a lot more of a theatric feel then the foreground. I would almost enjoy the picture more with the bottom half ignored, it would make the large ship coming from the clouds the main focal point. Great job on the modeling though, very impressed.


:eek: Now that’s what i call GRAND! Five stars from me immediately. I think you could make one small change though.

i think the big ship in the sky should be moved up a bit more, since right now the ship looks a bit too aligned to the building on the top of the mountain, making it look rather awkward.



you have my vote! sory for lack of some constructive critique, but it looks perfect! And I love this small kross on the top of the mountains! so small element and gives some naturality and nice feeling when you notice it.


I can not win this challenge, I see that now.:cry:
I got two winners at my “list” now, you or Alexander Preuss (Vampeta). This is art, man.



really like the big ship, and the detailed city… but i still prefer the orizontal render you made some time ago… don´t like too much the character in foreground… but its my own opinion… don´t care :wink:


I don’t know if you can do this at this stage, but, you should widen the canvas horizontally this picture is screaming for the WIDESCREEN format, those columns the guy is leaning up against feel constricting, it might be too late in the game to make changes though, everytime i look at this the first thought i get …wider. I think you can do this.


neble,arturro: thanks for the comments!!:slight_smile:
Kragh: I do not think that, yo have very impressed models men, keep going!!:bounce:
keetmun: thanks, i am working in this!:thumbsup:

stefgrafx,noelt: thanks for the crit, but it is very difficult to do this at this moment, I am trying to finish on time , sorry by not being able to do this:shrug:.


Your modelling keeps being AWESOME! That smoothy look, but also all details… Just AMAZING!

Keep dreamin :wink: !


heey vveeeery nice :thumbsup:


Awesome man, i really like your work :thumbsup:

Keep going in this way that’s wonderfull :bounce:

Merry xmas


Man i cant wait for this one!:applause:

Beautifully compiled and so much too look at! It´s like 3 images at once!

Good luck, i like your style.:buttrock:


Happy Xmas.

Excellent that´s looking great, good work :thumbsup:( me encanta loco):bounce:


Have a happy and safe holiday!