Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Woooooooooooooooow:eek: very very very nice men :thumbsup:


nomad: thanks! I hope to be able to finish on time this ships and the city, and i am not convinced with the concept of the explosion, I have not decided that type of danger comes near on the city, i leave this for the final.:thumbsup:

keetmun: thanks, I hope to place more stuff soon !! Cheers:)

SUN: :bounce: THANKS MEN!! :bounce: OK, perhaps I change it of place, and I am going to add more datails.:buttrock:

adr: thanks!!: still I have not decided the final position.:thumbsup:

greentek, Deadly Force :thanks for the crit boys, i am working in this aspects, but now I am going to finish modeling the city and leave the details for the last, i want to see the whole city first.
cheers!! :buttrock: :beer:

Dutchman: thanks, I wait for your crit. in the future.:bounce:

shotta: thanks men!! cheers!!:buttrock:


Another building,I must modify the ceiling, it is not what I want.(i have to add more details and change de top)
I am going to follow with the modifications.
more updates soon!.


I’m very very impressed. I hope you will finish the picture. :thumbsup:


beatifull work!!:drool::drool::bowdown:


ceiling update… finished, I will follow with the modeling of the rest of the buildings.


wow, dude. thats too much :buttrock:


Your models are awesome so far, but what i like most is the composition of your scene draft. It has much potential.
Keep on the good work.



I admire your detailed models. They will present great on the final image. I hope you will finish on time:thumbsup:


experimental composition, i am modeling 5 or 6 buildings, but for now
i use grebble to simulate the city, to see the whole, this composition has many errors and is only a test.



This composition test is looking awesome, you really do get a feel for city and character about to be consumed by this catastrophe.Looks very promising.:thumbsup:
My GSO entry


eho, montclaris , arturro: thanks for the comments and the support!!:thumbsup:


Wow, this town composition looks amazing :scream:

You have a great ambiance here, your building on the rock with the sun behind reminds me The Cathedral, an Oscar nominated short film made by Tomasz Baginski

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Great composition! and yes, the mood of the background also reminds me “the Cathedral”. Wonderful mood! I can’t wait to see your next steps:thumbsup:



seriously nice. Fantastic mood and I find the composition works very well IMO


Your buildings are very nice.
The composition test is an excellent taste of things to come.

At this point, assuming this is a test I have few crits to make but here they are :

The flat building directly on the right of the river is not fitting well with the others. I think it’s the shape ( it could be more circular maybe or completely turn around the tower at its side).

The mountain with the temple (the rocks too rounded).

The greeblies for the city houses are ok (with appropriate texturing in due time).

I know it’s just a test but these are my thinkings…

Keep up the good work !


Nomad, arturro, flyingP: thanks for all the comments!!!:bounce:

Deadly Force: really thanks for your critics, they are of much aid, yes the building is not fitting with the others , i am modeling the rest of the building around the circular building, ( i put a update for this part more late, but I am thinking in make them rounded. maybe i use the greeblies for the background. :thumbsup:


Very nice great atmosphere really lov it all those detail are really awesome cant wait to see what you are going to do next :thumbsup:

amazing stuff just amazing :bowdown:


Good luck with this one!

It´s got gr8 depth and it will be cool to see how it´s judged by the big guns!


My goodness, the way you do what you do… Composition wise it’s fantastic. You can do no wrong man.