Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Agree with arturro, your building is great but it needs few color variations.

Exellent work :thumbsup:


Your modeling looks great, has a really fluid feel. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like with textures.


arturro - Nomad: thanks for the opinions, but dont worry the model it is not textured (only dirt effect), and yes definitely i am going to add diferent textures and colors to the diferents parts,and a more visible dirt effect, thanks for the advice.:thumbsup:

neble: thanks, i am working on that:)


nice model
simple extrudes but heuge model:applause:


Very nice models !

Just a little crit though : a square base connecting to an hemisphere (the dome at the top) makes the whole building looks strange.

Good luck !
Waiting for updates.

#46 thanks, I am addict to extrudes, long live to extrudes!!:bounce:

Deadly Force: I am thinking about changing that part, thanks for the crit.:thumbsup:


Damn cool…Lots of detail. I especially like the alien ‘statue’, oozing with style. Very nice, can’t wait to see it textured!



i put the building in position and add other structure in the mountain.
I must add more trees in the base of the mountain. I have not modified the top building, only i want to see how it´s look all together.


hey men… you have a very stylic rock. keep that:bounce:


Great! I would only advice to add some moss to the rock, or maybe some small grass areas on the rocky shelfes.

#51 thanks men!:bounce:
arturro: it was thinking about that, it would be a good idea, thanks!!:thumbsup:


more experiments, this time all together, is only to see the whole, it has many errors, I must change the bridge and the location of the building, i put a lowpoly model to see the perspective.


Wow thats looks already great :applause:
Can`t wait to see the ships and the explosion you planned :bounce:

Keep up the great art :thumbsup:


Very beautiful. Simply beautiful. I want to see more! Really I do!

:buttrock: :beer:


:bounce: FANTASTIC ARTWORK:bounce:
:bounce: Great style and details:bounce:


dont rescale the bridg …


Impressive update pal , you have a nice piece here , the building is amazing , Maybe try to move this building a little to the left near the river

Keep the good work.


great work Gerardo! :thumbsup:
looks very impressive!
i may suggest you to work a bit on the mount… it doesn’t looks believable… try to mix using mask more textures for rock surface… as i can see your using two except mossy… try to use three or for… also upper part may be improved… i think there is too much dirt…
anyway great work amigo! :slight_smile:
keep it up and cheers! :beer:


Whaouu ! This is great !
The texture of the mountain looks good but the shape is maybe too rounded.

Anyway these are experiments and I’ll be there to see the next updates…


WOOW! This is veeeery impressive! The modelling is AWESOME! I’m following this thread really close, from now on!

Allot good luck!, Gijs